Family Photos

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  1. this is really nice, one big happy family!

    Thanks so much, Nell. I’ve heard so many nice things about your site from Pinky. I’ll drop by your site soon.

  2. Chino (can I call you that?) you have a very beautiful and happy family. It really makes me smile to see such family that is full of love and care for each other.

    BTW sorry I haven’t been around lately. I am still figuring things for this year. Hopefully I will be able to organize my blog time soon.

    Pax et Bonum.

    Bluep, thanks. We do our best to raise our children in a loving environment. Although, a lot of times, my wife and I struggle to keep things the way we want it to be. Hay, the life of a parent.

    Anyway, don’t worry, I know how busy you have been lately. I hope that you soon receive what you have been praying for. Be patient. God will answer your prayers in His time.

    You can call me Chinois if you want :).

  3. wow. what a beautiful family. nakakahawa yun mga smiles nyo.

    napadaan lang. see yah!

    Chuvaness, maraming salamat sa iyong pagdaan.

  4. Ay ang galing… parang commercial ng toothpaste… ok sa project! Panalo!

    Jeff, as usual, winner ang iyong mga comment. Pang Happy toothpaste ba?

  5. Ang cute naman ng family nyo, kakainggit kasi ang puputi ninyo, lol! Parang di naman kayo taga saudi eh, hehehe!(maitim kasi ako eh)

    Kakatuwa naman seeing family na tulad ninyo, malapit sa isat isa at malapit kay God. Keep the pinoy values and inculcate into your children’s heart.

    King salamat… na daan lang ang kulay namin sa puting background (at dahil halos naka kulong kami sa bahay kadalasan…hehehe!)

  6. Pst! Ngayon ko lag navisit itong page ng photos nyo! Ansaya saya! nakakatuwa din, sa inyo kasi 2 boys then girl, kami nauna yung girl, I always wanted to know if they say that having girls as older in a brood make for responsible brothers/sisters hehe… 😀 tingnan natin!

    btw, hindi ko bday, sa facebook mo nakita yun? I dont put my real bday, I change it always lol.

    G, so far sa case namin eh mas malikot ang aming bunso… ewan ko lang if it would be different if she were the oldest child. Anyway, dapat lang eh maging mabait ang mga anak natin sa atin lalo na sa ating pagtanda.

    Na excite pa naman ako sa Bday mo… si Luigi kasi ay birthday ang Jan 3. Di bale advance happy birthday na lang sa yo!

  7. Hi Keith! I was so happy to see your post in my blog! Wow IKAW ang big shot! I had no idea you were based abroad already. You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep in touch! I do have FB but I’m not very active there. I’ll search you up at FB.

    • Iris, I guess pareho tayong natuwa. My wife just asked me if you were my classmate before (apparently your maiden name sounded familiar to her) and that’s how I found you on the web.

      We’ve been based in KSA since 2006 but maybe leaving for Australia within the next year (keeping fingers crossed).

      I do hope to read more from you and possibly touch base with the gang whenever we are in town.

      A blessed Christmas to your whole family.

  8. keith thank you for visit. btw i’m kenjie’s friend jess.

    • Jess, I’m so sorry. I actually thought your blog was one of the blogs maintained by Kenjie.

  9. Wow! that’s amazing family photos, you really enjoy every moment that you’re together… God bless!

    • Thanks, Ana! It’s always nice to be with family although there are also some moments when we get on each others nerves – he he he!

      Thanks for dropping by.

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