About Me

Introducing or describing yourself to other people is one of the most difficult things to do… at least for me.  I remember attending some seminars before where one of the games will be for each participant to say a brief statement about themselves.  I hated those ice breakers!

Anyway, since I realized how big the blogosphere is and since there are naturally people who lurk from one site to another, which, by the way, I am guilty of too, I guess it’s just but fair that I give a brief background to introduce myself.

I started maintaining an online journal when I was offered an assignment to work for a prestigious local bank here in the Middle East.  Previous to this, I really did not enjoy using the Internet – perhaps this was because I really had no time to surf.  Back in Manila, most of my time was spent with my family and my work, the latter unfortunately taking a bigger chunk of it. 

Since I moved to the Mid-East in early 2006, my life changed dramatically (I would like to think for the better).  Being temporarily separated from my wife and three kids during the early part of my assignment here in the Mid-East gave me a chance to discover and really appreciate the power of this medium.  Instead of individually writing to everyone, I just decided to keep an online journal that everyone in my family could access and read whenever they wanted to.  It also kept me entertained when things became just a bit too boring for me to handle. 

However, I think the most important thing that came out of my blogging is the fact that I now have an online journal that keeps track of my personal progress and growth while my family and I live abroad.  Hopefully, this should eventually help me fully understand God’s masterplan for us.

My family and I decided to make a daring Leap of Faith a few years ago (and I’m sure we will make more of these leaps in the future).  I hope you continue to join and support us as we take on this journey of discovery and faith. 

Please feel free to go through my archives and read up on all our adventures. If you want, you can also drop a note to share your thoughts.

Thanks and hope to see you again soon. 


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