Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 28, 2016

Bored Little Girl

It’s been three days into our holiday and, somehow, I am not exactly sure how I feel. Pinky mentioned earlier today that I’ve been quite antsy and, honestly, I’m not sure why.

As I sat in the reception area while my wifey got her much awaited nail pampering treatment, I see a little girl – slightly older than my daughter – sitting down having her nails done too. She seemed to lack the enthusiasm and excitement that I know my wife – and daughter, had she been with us – would be overflowing with. It made me wonder why. How can she not enjoy this? Who wouldn’t love those beautifully scented lotion being applied to your hands and feet while a trained technician manicure your nails? Then it made me think, could this be something she’s done heaps of times (even at an early age) that it has become somewhat of her routine? I don’t know.

So back to me. Why have I been antsy? Why am I not feeling overwhelmed? Why am I not doing a combination cartwheel with triple back flip when I should be acing it like a pro? Why am I suddenly transforming into that little girl who sat bored while her nails were being done?

I guess it’s because I realised that not much has changed in this part of the world. The things we happily left behind – like the traffic, chaos and disorder – are still undeniably felt wherever you go in the Metro. Suddenly every experience – good and bad – came all rushing back and I remembered how our life was back then and that didn’t excite me.

I’ll have to change my mindset in order to enjoy the rest of our holiday. I need to look at the brighter side – we are surrounded by our family, the main reason why we are here. We crave for their company and, hopefully, we’ll get heaps of that in the next few weeks. This place may not have changed much. But, in the end, I believe that being with our family is what counts the most. That thought brings a smile to my face – I know all will be well.




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