Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 20, 2016

Hope Lives

It was our first time to vote yesterday and I must say that Pinky and I were pleasantly surprised with the experience. Here in Australia voting is an obligation – citizens are required to vote or else you will be fined ($118) for not doing so.

We arrived before 10am expecting the worst. However, there was no crowded voting precincts. No overly done election paraphernalia. No last minute vote buying campaigning. No goons. No harassment and everything bad that comes with it.

I felt extremely blessed to have this kind of experience where we literally went in the polling booth and were done in less than five minutes. However, it also made me feel sad and disappointed knowing that in a few months our country (the Philippines) will also be having their elections but their experience will be totally the opposite of ours.

We recognise our blessings but pray that other people may experience it too. Hope lives, Philippines!




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