Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 25, 2015

Tradie Moment

One thing that really stresses me about living here in Australia is having to look for tradesmen (“tradies”) to fix things at your home. Because the cost of labour is so expensive, people have to resort to a lot of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to save on cost. But, since I wasn’t born with the necessary skills (nor the body) to be a great tradie, I end up trying to avoid house repairs if I can.

It’s been almost two years since we moved to our current home and we still don’t have a proper clothesline. We bought one almost a year ago. However, I’ve managed to successfully dodge every reminder that Pinky had given me to install this already. Somehow, the fear of causing damage to our property enabled me to justify why that clothesline has been kept hidden in our garage for the longest time.

Last weekend, though, I woke up really early and, for some weird reason, felt inspired to channel what little tradie qualities I had. The YouTube instructional videos I watched over and over convinced me that installing a clothesline directly to our brick wall was very easy. Inspired with this confidence, I told my wife that this was THE day. I was in the zone.

I borrowed the necessary tools I needed to do the job and got last minute tips from our relative, who had done this before.

Pinky and I measured the wall, marked where I was to drill and then, as easy as that, made my first hole. My initial thoughts were how easy that was and why hadn’t I done this before?! Armed with renewed confidence, I bore the remaining holes I needed.

Interestingly, though, things went quickly down hill after that. I couldn’t put the screws inside the holes, which seemed too small. So, like a DIY expert, I decided to remove the debris and somewhat chiselled the holes to make it bigger. Unfortunately, I got carried away and over did it since, suddenly, the screws were just easily coming in and out of the holes making it impossible for it to hold the weight of the clothesline. Argh!

After much sweat and swearing, I asked our relative for some help. We tried to remediate the damage by putting some liquid nails but that didn’t work. He thought changing the screws might address the problem but was a long-shot. Our best alternative, though, was to drill new holes again, something I was really avoiding for aesthetic reasons.

The next day, I tried to work on my undone project again (silently praying that changing the screws will work this time). I’m sure my wife silently prayed too in what seemed like my desperate hours. As is always the case, God delivered and pulled me through just when I was about to give up. Pinky and I felt so relieved that the new screws were able to finally hold the clothesline in place.

While I feel a sense of achievement having been able to accomplish something I never thought I could do, I feel more comforted knowing that God is always with me and will help me get through specially when things go out of control.

What’s my next project – none for a long time! I just need to make sure I recover fully first from this stressful experience. In the meantime, I’m just happy knowing that my wife can now do her laundry in peace.


My wife’s version …
Hanging Out



  1. I’m sure it won’t even be a year till you’re raring to do your next DIY project…you’re just being modest, right? 😋 The stress and related swearing aside, you’re actually getting better with household projects so I think the next one won’t be so bad or traumatic – hahaha! 😘

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