Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 9, 2015

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club is fast becoming one of our family’s favourite places to eat and unwind. Previously, we used to avoid this place only because our Asian background dictates that a good meal should always be something paired with either rice or noodles. Salads and sandwiches are a no-no, at least as far as I am concerned.

It’s interesting, though, how our eldest son is now studying about nutrition in his school and one if his assessment is to monitor his food intake for a week. He mentioned to us how surprised he was to find out how much serving of food we ate compared to his Anglo Australian classmates, who would usually just have a few servings of fruit, vegetables and protein every meal time.

While it may take awhile for us to fully change our eating patterns, I believe we’re taking a step towards the right direction by being more open to eating other cuisines. Having said that, we’ve eaten at this Aussie favourite several times now and our family’s unanimously given our thumbs up every time. Whether it be the Big Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, Calamari, Reuben Sandwich or the hearty winter warmers – clearly still not the healthier choices – we always leave the place happy, full and satisfied. Their specialty drinks, coffee and chai latte are also good although this can hurt the budget specially when you are with three growing kids.

This will definitely not be our last meal here because we heart The Coffee Club.










  1. Yum-o!

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