Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 4, 2015

Hot Weather and Kitchen Experiments

It’s a few days into autumn but the cooler weather has yet to kick in. Somehow, summer wasn’t as friendly this time compared to the previous years when we felt the heat and humidity at home was not as bad.

A few days back, we saw this advertisement on how to make home-made ice cream using a special blender. Although we didn’t have the same equipment, we thought that our trusted mixing machine could do the same job. So, using a large tub of Greek yogurt, two packs of fresh strawberries and heaps of chocolate, we decided to make our own version of this seemingly easy-to-do and delicious dessert. Unfortunately, our concoction turned out too sour so we decided to pour in sugar to, hopefully, balance out the taste. The kids found it hilarious how our dessert had turned out into anything but what we originally intended it to be – healthy!

We have yet to see if our kitchen experiment worked. Taste test is tonight. Fingers crossed that all goes well.



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