Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 1, 2015

Of A Thousand Paper Cranes and Horror Movies

I noticed that our daughter couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to lay beside her and keep her company until she fell asleep. I think she thought she needed to justify herself to me, so she said that she saw something on the computer earlier that evening that was bothering her. She didn’t go into details. However, I knew exactly what she meant.

We ate out for dinner that evening and one conversation we had was about this girl she read about who was diagnosed with cancer (effects of the atomic bomb in Japan during World War II ). While sick, she decided to make a thousand origami cranes since this was said to allow her to have one wish if she completed it. Her wish was to get well and live longer.

Unfortunately, she only made a few hundred cranes before the illness took her young life. Her friends and family, however, decided to make the remaining cranes so the girl could get her wish. And she did. She now lives forever in the hearts of everyone who hears her story and understands the cruel effects of such man-made atrocities.

Thanks to modern technology, our daughter’s curiosity led her to easily Google the girl’s name up when she reached home. Unfortunately, doing this not only satisfied her desire to know more about this girl and see how she actually looked, but it also unleashed other images which she was not meant to see. Things that even I myself will probably be tormented with if I needed to sleep alone in our room.

The girl’s name is Sadako and, to those of you who have seen a popular Japanese horror movie a decade ago, you know exactly how our child felt when images of the main character in this (other) story popped up on her web search. Sadly, Sadako’s image will now stick to our daughter’s innocent mind and her story too will now live forever in her.

A word of warning to those who have no idea what I am saying – I suggest you keep your curiosity in tow unless you want to succumb to what our daughter just had – a sleepless night. Mwahahaha (slowly, in deep baritone voice)!




  1. You know what they say…curiosity killed the cat…or in this case, unleashed the “other” Sadako – hahaha! 😀

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