Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 25, 2013

I’m “Swagy” … whatever that means.

I must admit – I’m such a doting father. It just makes me proud to share little things that my children do even though, probably to someone else, these may mean nothing at all.

Marga’s latest achievement is her birthday poem for me, which she wrote inside her personally prepared birthday card…

20130525-223254.jpgShe wrote…

“Dady is so swagy
He’s my dady can’t you hear it!
He loves me like a lolypop
For snack can’t you see it!
He help’s me when I am sick
Like a docter can’t you feel it!
He is my dady he can never change
even if he is a spirit.”

She signed the card with the following…

“From you’re best child Marga Sy xoxo”

I’m not sure if a she’s going to be a famous poet one day. But, whatever happens, she definitely has won my heart … and that will never change even if I am a spirit!

Love you too, Marga!


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