Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 24, 2013

Over The Hill

Today marks an important milestone for me as I age another year and officially “go over the hill” – as my wife happily puts it.

Although I’m really not fond of receiving the extra attention that one gets during birthday celebrations, I feel it’s still a good reminder to me, though, of how blessed I am to be surrounded by people who genuinely care and love me.

To my wife and children – thank you for keeping up with my ever increasing andropause moments. I feel you all have given my life meaning and purpose. The Lord has truly blessed me with more than I can ask for by just having you all in my life.

To my family and friends – you have been with me through my many peaks and valleys and I do pray that you’re prepared for more since I intend to celebrate at least sixty more years of this with all of you.

What better way to mark this special occasion than for me to join the bandwagon and document today with, what else, a “pa-cute” selfie!


Denial… feeling young kuno… He he he!



  1. Happy birthday, Keith! *kisses*

    • Thanks so much, Weng!

  2. Happy 21st birthday!!! ;P Wishing you more blessings and adventures!

    • Thanks, Kala. 21 sounds great – I’ll take it!

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