Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 14, 2013

All in the Spirit of Fun

I was going through our photos in Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to find some “secret” files (i.e. those photos which our family kept hidden from public view), which I felt I just needed to share.

Even at the risk of being excommunicated by my family, I share these snap shots of us having fun while playing Jenga in our old home. As you can see, we play this game a little differently (read: loser gets marked on the face with a coloured pen).

20130514-203555.jpgWho would ever think that some wooden bricks can lead to this…

20130514-203619.jpg… A few lines here and there.

20130514-203650.jpgCan you consider this a work of art…

20130514-203708.jpg… or just plain facial graffiti?

20130514-203721.jpgWas she a winner or a loser?

20130514-203737.jpgAt the end of the day, we all had a good laugh – everything was taken in jest.

Great memories shared by the family – all done in the spirit of fun.


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