Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 31, 2013


We noticed that our boys have this special bond when they were growing up. They fought a lot – as most siblings their age do – but, for the most part, they got along pretty well. I guess as a father, it just warms the heart to see your children growing up to be loving and close to each other.

So, even at the risk of my children hating me (hopefully, not for long), I proudly share this homemade video, which they did a year or so ago. Hope you find this as amusing as much as my wife and I biasedly did.

Love you boys!



  1. It is heartwarming to see brothers who love each other like your sons and they will bring that closeness until they are both grown ups. I am blessed to have 4 siblings and we are still close to each other even now that we have grown into mature adults (old, to say it simply!) I think the parents have a great deal to do with how their children grow up so congratulations to you and Pinky — it shows how great parents you have been to your children! They are fortunate to have you both and they will pass it on to their own children in the future. And that will be good for humankind.

    • Thanks, Maricris! Pinky and I can only hope as parents that our children will remain close even as they become adults. We pray that the bond they have now will manifest even more when challenges come their way or when we are no longer here to guide them.

      I’m sure we all try our best to pass on the lessons we learned from our own parents and, hopefully, when the time comes when our children have their own families too, they can do the same.

      Kudos to your family for keeping that tight closeness up to now. We are all truly blessed!

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