Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 30, 2013

Brisbane Je T’aime

Inspired by our previous holiday in the City of Lights and our recent Lenten indulgence (read: post-fast treat) in our local McCafe…

20130330-074810.jpg…I remember this city’s love of France through the festival we attended almost two years ago.

We went to the festival not knowing what to expect. All we knew is that we wanted to savour some French specialties and let our children have a French immersion of sorts.

This is where it all started…




20130330-064644.jpgIt’s never easy choosing, which of those attractive little treats to pick. But, we managed and were all obviously happy about it.

20130330-065811.jpgThe festival was not only about enjoying the good food but also learning about the rich culture of the French people. Street entertainers, such as these, kept the crowds happy.



The children were entertained with some games, craft activities and…

…a puppet show of the Three Little Pigs (of course, said in French).

20130330-071450.jpgUs adults, on the other hand, enjoyed…

20130330-070658.jpg… the music of artists who flew in directly from France and…

20130330-070715.jpg… looking at the shops showcasing their products.

The highlight for me, though, is seeing Napoleon’s army…



20130330-071928.jpg… taking aim and firing (blanks) by the river.


20130330-072551.jpgThis proves the strength of the Aussie-French ties.

Hoping next time we can bring our children to visit France. But, until then…



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