Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 16, 2013

Inala-nd Down Under

It’s amazing how immigrants – Asians, in particular – generally thrive wherever they are planted. I guess the hardships associated with living in developing countries makes its people more resilient, emotionally strong and persevering especially when challenging circumstances come their way.

In Australia, one such people are the Vietnamese, who have done pretty well in establishing their roots here. I’m not exactly sure about the history behind it, but from what I understand, a lot of Vietnamese migrated to the Land Down Under after the Vietnam war a few decades ago.

Thankfully, this has brought a good diversity in this continent and, I believe, it also helped in shaping what Australia is today – a very progressive, multicultural and racially-tolerant country.

Close to our suburb is a place called Inala, which is where a lot of Vietnamese families live and have established their business interests in. We frequent the place on weekends to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and other Asian ingredients as the selection is good and prices are considerably lower compared to our friendly neighbourhood grocery.




20130316-224745.jpg Weekends are when this place is usually packed with people – although this seems not evident in the photo above- as this was taken pretty early in the day.

A lot of Vietnamese men hang-out with their mates to play some sort of traditional “checkers” game while sipping their coffee and tea. The whole feel of the place is distinctly Asian all the way.

20130316-225434.jpgLocal shops sell mostly all the Asian ingredients you need for cooking.



20130316-233226.jpgWhile restaurants serve many mouth-watering dishes like these roast duck and pork!


20130316-225725.jpgOur favourite of all is the milk tea shop, which normally has a really long queue despite it being pretty expensive at $4.50 a glass.

Inala is the best!



  1. Hayyy, 10 years in Australia and I have never been to Inala! I would have to convince Ken to take us there 🙂

    • Maricris, huwat! I thought everyone (meaning all the Pinoys) go there to market. You guys should try it! Food is a lot cheaper and there is more variety. Sama ka sa amin minsan.

      • I know, right? That’s my paranoia at work kasi e. We were thinking of going there before but one time my brother and his family and my parents went grocery shopping there before (Woolies yata) and while they were loading their stuff in the trunk, someone snatched my sister-in-law’s wallet and my sis-in-law (batang Pasay yan!) actually chased them but the man rushed into a getaway car. So mula noon, hindi na kami nag-attempt man lang although of course it could have happened anywhere, I know. But my aunt, whenever she drives down from NSW, talagang dinadayo pa niya nga ang Inala. Hmmmm… yeah, one time we would have to go there! 🙂

  2. Oh no! Mukhang now I’ll be paranoid to fob there – hehehe! It doesn’t feel that bad when you are there. For some reason, I feel at home – siguro dahil kamukha ko sila!

    I guess you just have to be alert and cautious specially when there are suspicious-looking people around.

    You seriously should try it one time – that’s the closest thing to a wet market we have here. The food is also good!

  3. Hey Keith and Pinky! We were finally able to visit Inala last Saturday after being here for more than 10 years 🙂 Para kaming mga turista hahaha. We loved it and we will be going there more often na siguro than Darra 🙂

    • Congratulations, Maricris! Finally, you’ve overcome your fears. It’s such a different world when you’re there, right? I’m sure we’ll bump into you one of these days. Happy shopping.

  4. I know, right? I conquered my fears yay, though I didn’t let my guard down sempre, similar to when we go to the Valley for when we have yum cha 🙂 We did see some people from church 🙂

    • Good on you, Maricris. As in any place, you really have to be cautious and careful.

      Suddenly craving for yum cha! Need to visit the Valley or Sunnybank soon.

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