Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 13, 2013

The Great Aussie Past Time

One of our family’s favourite Aussie past times is, hands down, the outdoor barbie (local term for barbecue). People flock to the local parks on weekends since these have several public grills that anyone can use free of cost.


20130313-213125.jpgWe usually grill some snags (sausages) and onions and serve this in a single white bread with butter and tomato sauce (ketchup).

20130313-213359.jpgOf course, my wife and I take this time to relax while the boys grill ala Masterchef!

20130313-213552.jpg But it is clearly our daughter who is the overall winner here as she bathes in the sun while her meal is prepared.

(Photos taken at the Robelle Park during the school holidays in 2012).



  1. Dear Keith and Pinky,

    I don’t know if you still remember me. Its been a while since I visited here. Actually I’ve been in hiatus since 2011. I just saw the link to your blog again after I visited King’s. Please do email me if you have time, I have something to tell you which I can’t say online. God Bless

    • Hey BlueP! Of course I remember you. I was on hiatus as well for some time but decided to revive my blog. Hope all is well.

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