Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 20, 2013

Of Lords, Ladies and Festivals

My wife and I enjoy travelling. Of all the places we’ve been to, Europe is hands down our favourite. The place is just full of history and culture.

Unfortunately, travelling is also so expensive and, when you have three kids in tow, it’s definitely enough to break anyone’s budget.

Surprisingly, we found out that Europe is not really that far away from where we live. In fact, we even discovered that we could easily be transported back into time to when Kings, Queens and noble men and ladies once roamed the streets. Thanks, of course, to Caboolture’s Abbey Medieval Festival, which we visited a few years ago.


Knights display their colourful and impressive armours and Coat-of-Arms.


20130221-065410.jpg… while noble folks take the time to speak to you and explain how they lived before.


It looks like my wife finally found her Knight in shiny armour. Sigh.


Some Turkish folks get ready to cheer on the entertainment…

… which included a puppet show …

… and jousting event among others.

These people take the festival really seriously and the unwise, who think this is all foolish, unfortunately end up with this guy….



Although that solicited a few loud screams from my daughter, overall, we just love the Abbey Medieval Festival.

We’re definitely coming back again!


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