Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 16, 2013


One of the most memorable vacations we’ve had as a family was in Greece back in 2009. We visited Athens and took a cruise around the islands, where we instantly fell in love with the place.

The food was also very good – from the fresh Greek salad to the tasty souvlakis and giros. Even our kids love it and, mind you, they can be picky eaters if they wanted to.

It was because of this that my wife and I decided to ask a Greek-Australian family, whom we met earlier in the week, where would be the best place to eat authentic Greek food here in Brissy.

Their recommendation was the Char Char Yiros at the West End.


Fortunately, the stars aligned pretty quickly this morning and, since we were already in the area, we decided to head there for lunch.

Most of us ordered a giros lunch plate, which was composed of a combination charcoal grilled chicken and lamb, fresh Greek salad with feta and grilled haloumi cheese, pita bread, some chips and a garlic yoghurt dip. My daughter, on the other hand, ordered a small chicken giros, which somewhat reminded her of the delicious shawarma sandwiches we had when we were still living in the Middle East.





I guess until we are able to save enough to visit Greece again, our family will have to be content with having our favourite Greek dishes in the West End.


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