Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 29, 2011

Sunny Side Up… Down Under

I realize it has been a very long while since my last post.  Somehow, I seem to have lost my drive to update my online journal these last few months – never mind the many “blog-worthy” events and experiences that have come our way since we moved Down Under…  

My absence, I guess, was mostly due to personal issues relating to my work situation, which I struggled to overcome. I tried miserably to take control of a difficult situation but this only led to one disappointment after another. Sadly, this depressing state prevented me from seeing the “brighter side” and from actually realizing how immensely blessed I am despite the setbacks that have come my way.

Thankfully, things have started to improve recently and, while I know that the best is yet to come, I believe that the only way for me to move forward and  be happy is to appreciate and count the many blessings I receive as they come. Hopefully, this renewed outlook will help me get through these trying times and inspire me to update this neglected journal more often. 

So, while I patiently wait for the Big Boss to unfold his masterplan for me and our family,  I want to celebrate my upcoming  1st year anniversary since hopping over here in trying hard true Aussie fashion –   by heading out to the coast and having some fun in the sun!

These photos were taken last weekend at Kings Beach in the Sunshine Coast, where we went for a short holiday during the children’s quarterly term break.

Try to check out our Facebook page for more photos of our recent vacation.  Hope to be able to share more stories with all of you soon.



  1. Kangaroo Country for the win! 😉

  2. Hey, glad to see you back! I was wondering and a little bit worried but I see all is fine. Count your blessings my friend. God is good.

  3. I’ve been wanting to ask this… anong font gamit mo dun sa mga chinois97 text sa mga photos nyo 😉

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