Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 20, 2011

Fun at the Farm

A few weeks ago, we were very fortunate to be invited to a very special seventh birthday celebration of our friend’s daughter.  Unlike in the Philippines where themed-birthday celebrations can be “all-out” events with parents usually spending a fortune for photo-booths, magicians, mascots and other what-nots, the celebrations here in Australia are comparatively more subdued – often “Barbie-themed” for little girls and held at nearby parks where children can just run around and play. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise for all of us when we found out that the party we were attending had an Ol’ MacDonald-theme complete with little barn animals to pet! 

This trailer looks pretty small but it has a pony, a cow, a pig and a few more cute and cuddly creatures inside.

We thought Marga would look great in plaid – to complete her cowfarmgirl look.

A little hesitation at first…

… but that didn’t last long – thanks to Pinky who bravely pretended to show them how it’s done! 😳

Of all the creatures big and small, who’s your favorite one of all?

Luigi and Marga could not resist petting and feeding their new friends…

… while glamour boy, Rafael, found it more relaxing to be out of the fence and…

… in dear mummy’s arms!

Whether it was meeting new friends or enjoying the company of loved ones, it was definitely a fun day for all of us!










  1. First, I’ve already been here in Jeddah for a month and before I left the Philippines, I was browsing at your blog to probably ask a few questions about KSA and your current location so we could rub sands on our elbows (HAHAHA) when I realized you’re no longer here but on a greener pasture. Literally 😉

    Anyway, good luck on this new adventure and God bless you and your family in that kingdom far, far away.

    • Hi KK. It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. It’s nice to know that you are now based in Jeddah. We’ve been there before any liked it – medyo magulo pero it reminded us of Manila. We left KSA a year ago but feel free to ask us anything about that place.

      The Filipino community there is also very strong and supportive so that should help you a lot in getting adjusted to your new kingdom. Good luck and God bless!

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