Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 19, 2011

Beaten, Broken But Still Blessed

It’s funny how it is when you pray so hard about something and – when God grants it – you are just left dumbfounded and unprepared for the next step. Well, that’s how I feel now. Somewhat grateful and lost at the same time.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been here in Brisbane and have been eagerly sending out my resumes to various companies so I can finally join the local workforce.  Admittedly, the process has personally been a very humbling experience – with so much disappointment along the way.  I initially started with a lot of eagerness and confidence but these slowly faded away as the months passed and as the rejection letters came in one after the other.  

After a few weeks of self-doubt, depression and fear of an uncertain future, I realized that I just needed to give God enough time to work out his plan for us while I enjoy the free time I had with my family – after all, not everyone is given the opportunity to relax at home and do as one pleases.

Little did we know, however, that Divine Providence was working overtime and that our “pseudo-holiday” would be so short-lived. The week Pinky and I finally decided to resume our job hunt, I immediately landed an offer – a temporary one, though, but one which I hope will eventually allow me to put my proverbial “foot in the door” to help jumpstart my career. 

Admittedly, being offered a job in an industry that is so different from what I’m used to plus the “sudden” changes in our family’s routine threw us all off our seats and made me somewhat go on the deep end for a while.

Now, I still remain anxious about the changes that are happening in our lives – mostly due to the toxic nature of my new job – but remain comforted by the knowledge that God is (and has always been) with us in this journey.

Blessings abound and, though sometimes they come in packaging quite unfamiliar to us and totally unexpected,  they remain blessings and we should still be thankful.

The next few days and weeks – or months – will definitely be stressful for us but we remain strong in our faith that – God willing – things will eventually fall in their proper order and all will be a meaningful whole again.

As for now, I leave you with a brief introduction to our new friend, “Babe”, whom we met in the park recently.  He and his friends were so adorable our children instantly fell in love with them.  Thank goodness, though, none of them thought of bringing them to home as pets cause that would be a nightmare!  

Anyway, more of our friends in my next post.  Until then, have a great weekend!









  1. Very introspective and heartfelt post – especially since I have been privy to most things you have written. True, change can at most times be painful, er, uncomfortable, but it is definitely still something we can still learn from and emerge as stronger individuals afterwards.

    I pray that we continue to see the silver lining beneath the gray clouds that come our way and that we still look forward to the wonderful rainbows after each storm. Hang in there. We are all behind you and we absolutely just love you! :mrgreen:

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