Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 2, 2011

After the Storm

Most Queenslanders started the year on the wrong foot specially with the recent flooding which affected most of the state, including its capital – Brisbane.  Even though our family was fortunately spared from the trauma caused by this calamity –  our home being situated on higher ground and, thus, far from the flood waters coming from the Brisbane River – we remain shocked and in complete disbelief that things like this happen even in this part of the world.  Watching the constant news coverages about the flooding and our own personal experience of helping a friend whose house was sadly inundated by flood water made me realize how my own personal frustrations of having to look for that elusive job offer pales in comparison to the loss of life and property which other people had to sadly live through.  

Thankfully, it is during these trying times when you learn to appreciate the strength of human character.  Inspite of all the hardships, our city is back on its feet and on the road to recovery.  So many things were unfortunately damaged by the floods and it will take a while before the beauty of Brisbane shines through again… but it will happen. As for now, life goes on and we must rebuild.

~~ o O o ~~

One of the highlights for us last month was the smooth transition of our children to their new school, which finally opened a few weeks ago. 


Our children – who have technically been on a very long summer vacation since July of last year – were very much excited to use their new bags and uniforms and go to their newly-built school.

Springfield Central’s school’s motto is “raise the bar,” which I guess is very appropriate as it distinguishes itself as being one of the technologically advanced schools in state of Queensland.

 Hopefully, our children will help the school achieve its target soon.


The primary campus is new and much of it is still being constructed. However, the completion of the initial stages, though, should be over soon – weather-permitting, of course!


Although our family is still in the process of ticking-out more items from our “to-do list”, we are very thankful that God has allowed us to slowly integrate into our new hometown.  We remain hopeful that, soon, all will be in order. 

Everything happens in His own perfect time.





  1. Just hold on to His promise that it’s His plan to prosper you and not harm you. God bless you!

    • Amen!

      Anna, do you happen to be my singing cuzin nurse based in CA USA?

  2. Amen!

    Anna, do you happen to be my cuzin diva nurse based in CA USA?

  3. Oh yes, everything happens in His own perfect time – and sometimes much sooner than we expect! 😉

    Let’s open our hearts and arms to more “surprises” of His spirit! 😀

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