Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 23, 2010

Brisbane Blessings

Finally, my family arrived a little more than a week ago and I must admit that my life here in Brisbane immediately turned 180 degrees for the better, not that it was bad to start with, though. 

The past few days have been very exciting for all of us specially with all the unexpected blessings that have been coming our way.  God is truly amazing and our whole family can only revel in awe at how He has worked to make our transition to our new home as smooth and as quickly as possible.  Of course, we have still a lot to look forward to in the coming year but that is what makes this whole process so exciting for all of us. Just faithfully waiting in anticipation for God to reveal to us all those pleasant surprises is definitely worth it – somewhat like a child eagerly awaiting for Christmas to open all his presents.

Our exciting family journey has “officially” begun and, while the road ahead mostly remains unknown to us, we continue to believe that God will navigate us through this winding path and help us avoid those crossroads and little bumps on the way.  He has done this before and we know that He will do it again for our family.

Anyway, since our internet connection at home remains unreliable at the moment, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best this Chistmas season.  On behalf of the “Oz Sys” – as my wife aptly puts it – may you all experience a very blessed season of love with your families and may the new year only be filled with God’s choicest blessings the whole year round.








  1. hi keith,

    glad to hear that the family was able to spend Christmas with you. and yes i certainly agree that all we have to do is to trust God and whatever He’s got in store for us. have a blessed Christmas and may the coming year bring your whole family lots of wonderful things. cute koalas and kangaroos included!

  2. Great to hear your family is finally with you. I know all of you are so happy to be with each other again. God Bless and Manigong BagongTaon! 😀

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