Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 24, 2010

Un-Handy Man Me

If there is one thing which I think I need to get used to here in Australia, it must be the inescapable fact that I need to do mostly everything by myself.  Yes, do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) projects – like installing your own furniture, painting the walls, fixing the electricals and plumbing – are the “in” things here. 😦

And for a guy like me who, to put it mildly, is very “un-Handy-Man-ly”  – this can be a real nightmare! In fairness, though, it’s not like I don’t even try.  It’s just that my frustration easily gets the best of me whenever I do my darnest best and yet the faucet still leaks or the electrical ballast still doesn’t work even after I supposedly fixed them already.

Anyway, I bought some basic pieces of furniture over the past few weeks and installed them through the help of our more “vocationally-adept” relative, Donnie, who was kind enough to assist me (read: do most of the hard stuff) so I can get settled in our house immediately.  If not for him and his supportive wife, Carrie, I’m sure most of the items I bought would still be boxed-up in the garage. 😳

I’m sure there will be more of these projects in the near future and I am hoping that – once I get the hang of it (and once I have all the necessary, ahem,  “tools of the trade”) – I will be able to eventually complete the projects myself (or at least, with minimal support coming from other people).  In the meantime, please indulge me as I brag about our recent D.I.Y. accomplishments… :mrgreen:

For our boys, their room will each have a Japanese-themed single-bed with matching work desk, bookshelf and drawer.  To differentiate the rooms, though, our “tween-agers” will each have either a red-black  or silver-black color-schemed desk lamp, trash bin and chair.

Our daughter, on the other hand, will have her own “pretty-in-pink” study desk and chair…

… and a similar Japanese-themed double bed – which we thought will be perfect – in case some of our friends and relatives decide to visit us in the future.

Since most of our remaining furniture are still awaiting shipment from Manila, we decided to buy a few bar stools which the children can eventually use when they have their morning “brekkie.”

I am pleased to say that our house is slowly starting to shape up and – in less than a month from now – Pinky and the kids will be here to finally make it into a real home! I am obviously thrilled with this development and am really looking forward to that day when our family will be reunited again and we can finally start our Aussie adventures together.  Until then… more handy man projects await 😉



  1. G’leng-g’leng naman! 😀 Super proud of you!

    Many, many thanks too to “Master” Donnie for guiding you all the way – pagbutihan ang pag-aapprentice ha… malay mo – alternative career in the works? Whaddyathink??? 😉 Hahaha!

    • Hon, I really shouldn’t take a lot of credit for these projects – Donnie and Carrie were really a big help. In fact, without them, I don’t think we will have any furniture in the house. It’s a good start, though, and I’m sure eventually I’ll get the hang of it.

      Alternative career? Why not, mukhang those are the well-paying jobs in this part of the world.

  2. galing keith! great start to a flourishing new career, hehe! 🙂 i’m pretty unhandymanly myself (with much stress on the “pretty”), which is why i’m soooo glad my hubby is 🙂 the thing that we appreciate about DIY projects here, though, is there are tools out there that really make the job easier. plus, most manuals that come with the projects are supposedly “idiot-proof” (well, at least for people like hubby who could read those things like they’re baby books). maa-appreciate mo talaga yung handyman trades and how easy the pros make it look if you do it yourself, and also maa-appreciate mo rin how much you can save if you do it yourself, hehe! (ang mahal nila sumingil ng labor no? gahh!) looking forward to more of your handyman adventures!

    ps. ganda ng pics ha, pang-magazine 🙂 and i love the furniture too! may ikea ba diyan? 🙂

    • Hi Meeya! Naku, I’m sure you know how frustrated I am to learn and do these projects myself. I realized, though, that you’re right – having the proper tools make a big difference. I seriously should invest in them – like the auto screw driver which made it so much easier for us to install the furniture.

      Sobrang I admire those people who are great handymen. Our relative made it look so easy to install. I, honestly, looked like a complete idiot when I saw the instructions of how to intsall the table. He he he! I’m sure in time I’ll get used to it.

      The beds and tables came from a store called Super A Mart while the stools, trash bin, lamps and Marga’s pretty-in-pink ensemble came from Ikea.

      PS: Hope your not having difficulty with your pregnancy.

  3. We LAB IT!

    • Salamat Fredz!

  4. Keith, very very nice indeed….I am impressed 🙂 Pareho pala kayo ni Archie, medyo challenged din siya sa ganyang area ha ha.

    Great to know that Pinky and the kiddies will be joining you soon.. Goodluck to both you and enjoy the new adventure!

    • Joy, high five to Archie! Mukhang kailangan namin magtayo ng club. Buti na lang at guwapo kami pareho so that should make up for it big time!

      Yes, Pinky and the kids are winding down their vacation in Manila. In a few weeks, they should be here with me already – Thank, God! Hope your family is okay. We pray for your safety specially now that there seems to be some issues going around that area. God bless you all.

  5. Galing Keith, I knew all along that you had the “handy-man” in you. I like all the pics keep it up. Regards to Pinks & the kids

    • Thanks, Bro! Alam mo naman medyo trying hard lang ako – sa pagtayo ng furniture at pagkuha ng pictures. Hope all is well with you, Ann and the kids. Please send our regards to our KSA family – we really miss you all.

  6. Keith, I can commiserate with you. I also am a very unhandymanly type of guy. I just have to struggle through with it though as they opened an IKEA store here a few years ago and my asawa “discovered” it. That was all I needed! LOL

    • Ha ha ha! Goyo, that Ikea is getting us in big trouble. I’m sure Mrs Goyo enjoys shopping there. It’s a nice place – though I wish they sold their furnitures in assembled form already – he he he! Good luck to us!

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