Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 15, 2010

Hair, There & Everywhere

Today marks my first month here in Brisbane and, even though my daily routine has admittedly become more predictable nowadays, I still try to keep a positive outlook that things will get better for us soon.  So, as much as I would like to vent out my frustration again with my job hunting ordeal, I will refrain from doing so since I know Someone up there is currently working on something for me and I just have to wait patiently for Him to finish.

Anyway, I decided to go to a local salon the other day to get a much-needed trim.  I knew beforehand that a simple men’s cut here costs anywhere between $25-$28.  With this in mind – even though this price was easily ten times more than what I would normally have paid for in Manila – it wasn’t so much of a shock to me anymore when the lady who did my hair named the price of the haircut.

What’s disappointing, though, is how the “hair specialist(?)” performed her task  – she was extremely bored and seemed super disinterested in what she was doing.  It was as if someone just forced her to go into the hairstyling business out of necessity, which, judging from her actions, could have actually been the case!

Needless to say, her lack of passion reflected on her work and my hair – sadly – is even in a much worse condition now than before we started. 😦 Had I known that I would arrive at this “sorry state”, I would have just gone directly to Fleet street and asked Sweeney Todd to  strut his stuff on me… Anyway, the end result would have been the same – disastrous!  Thankfully, my hair (and I am hoping, the rest of me, too 😉 ) is resilient to adversity and – with just a few touches of gel here and there – can spring back to life in no time.

Okay, I can’t believe I’m blogging about my hair.  This. Is. Bad.  Hopefully, I will have more interesting stories to share with you next time.  Until then.

sweeney todd - sweeney-todd wallpaper

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  1. The good thing about hair is that it will always grow. At least you’re forced to think of creative ways on how to make your hair look fab rather than drab. Hahaha! Who knows? Your hair might just surprise you in a pleasant way one of these days. Just hang on there! Where God leads, God provides. =)

    • You’re right Foxy. Thankfully, a few application of gel here and there and voila! I look fab again – he he he!

      Super looking forward to the arrival of my personal stylist from Wella soon.

  2. hahaha… natawa ako. i have the same fear sometimes whenever i blog about something which i think is trivial. but a bad hair cut, if it can make your followers laugh, is still a good read.
    hope you’ll find your ‘better hair days’ soon!

    • Nakakahiya, Dante, but life has been very quiet on my end lately. Not too much to share. Thanks for still dropping by.

  3. Don’t worry – in less than a month and “hair” we come na rin – hahaha! 😀 Looking forward to practicing my “beauty school skills” on you soon – hope I do a better job at it though!

    Love and miss you!

    • Sige, I’ll be a willing victim if only to avoid an expensive trip to the salon.

  4. now you know why, from our pics, our family has mostly sported the “long-hair” look, including the husband. the only time i have short, fashionable hair is when we take a vacation sa pinas, which is like every three years hehe! i used to cut hubby’s hair, i even bought a grooming set with matching shears for that de-dos de-uno cuts. after i almost made a da vinci out of my husband’s ear, i retired the shears and he stuck it out with the local salon (every three months!) that charged him $18, hehe. si ninna naman, i still cut her hair. di pa kasi marunong magreklamo hehe!

    and then we met our suking vietnamese haircutter. you should try to look for the asian salons in your area, too. they charge half of what the regular butchers, eheste, salons charge plus they also show more interest in what they do. yun nga lang, make sure your hand gestures are on point, baka maging F4 ka 🙂

    • Meeya, I told Pinky to take a short course on hair cutting in Manila so we don’t have to pay so much for our hair do. Imagine dito it cost $25/per person and for the boys and I we need to get a cut at least every month! Buti pa si Allan, he can get-away with long hair. Mine is really bad since it just gets puffy and thick!

      Thanks for suggesting an Asian salon. I’ll really look for one even at the risk of looking F4-ish – I’m sure it will be a lot cheaper.

  5. Patingin naman ng bago mong hairstyle!! 🙂

    Oooh, Pinky went to beauty school? Ricky Reyes? Just teasing! Hee hee. Di bale, Keith, madali naman tumubo ulit ang hair, specially for men. 😉

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