Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 30, 2010

Welcome To Our Brisbane Home

Today officially marks my second week here in Brisbane and I am proud to say that I already have the keys to our brand new rented home!  Of course, I believe this house was heaven-sent especially when I consider how relatively easy it was for me – a new migrant without any proven favorable credit record and job – to close the lease agreement in just a short time.


The house is very modest in size but it definitely meets our basic requirements.  Aside from the good neighborhood, the primary selling point of this house for me was the fact that it is only a few minutes’ walk to the school of our children.


Of course, the open living and dining areas, ample kitchen space and small patio were bonuses that we are very much thankful for.

Unfortunately, the masters’ bedroom is a tad too small…

… but it at least has a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom.

This hallway leads to the three other rooms as well as this built-in linen cabinet.

Our boys will have to choose which of these two rooms they want while our daughter gets the other one by default. 

Of course, they all need to share this common toilet and bath.

My next project is to furnish this place with some beds and a few basic appliances so I can finally bring my family over and make this our home (Oh, if you only knew how much my heart is jumping with excitement just thinking about it!). Anyway, I have to be patient – a few more weeks and we will all be reunited again. As for now, I should be happy that things are starting to fall into their rightful places.  God is definitely good!









  1. Not bad for a start… 😀 Though I would’ve wanted a larger masters’ BR and walk-in 😥

    Anyway, 2 weeks down, 6 more to go – and counting!

    Now the challenge is to tie all loose ends here so we can really look forward to our much-awaited “family reunion”!

    Love and miss you! Mwah!!!

    • Hon, yup, it would have been more ideal if our room was bigger but it’s a good start. I’m sure our next house will be bigger and have all the things that we want – power of positive thinking!

      I bought the beds today and should get it by Tuesday. I’ll buy the appliances within the week. All I need is for you all to come over – as in, now na!

      Good luck on all the things you have to do from your end. Don’t worry, God will help us get through.

  2. super nice!!! congratulations keith!

    • Thanks so much, Leweiss. Pwede na kayong dumalaw dito!

  3. what a beautiful house! can’t wait to see the whole family in that pretty house. 🙂

    • Thanks, TA. Naku, I can’t wait either. Super looking forward to have Pinky and kids over here asap. BTW, your niece is so beautiful.

  4. Cow! Been trying to get in touch with you… to no avail. Nice house, you did great… but I thought you said you will come visit us first before moving to AU. =(
    Call me when you get the chance (407) 920-9602… dying to catch up with you.
    Miss you and love to the family, muah!!!

    • Hey Cow! Sorry I’ve been very busy trying to get everything settled so Pinky and the kids can come over. I tried calling you today using MJ but no one was answering the phone. I guess I was calling at the wrong time – not sure what he time difference is.

      I wish we could have visited you there. Kaso alam mo naman ang mga budget constraints. Di bale, I’m sure one day we will be able to visit you all again. Kung hindi, you better schedule your vacation to this part of the world – as in now na!

  5. Hi Keith! Congratulations on your new beautiful house and soon to become a home, way to go! So where’s the guest room? The whole garage is ok with me. Goodluck on your job hunting. Keep us posted. God bless.

    • Thanks, Raymund. We’ll use Marga’s room for the guests. Just come here and we’ll provide the accomodation. Miss having familiar faces around.

  6. wow your home is nice! i wish we could be as lucky to find a nice rental, too! two weeks to go na lang kami and its hello ice block na, hehe! congrats! pinky and kids, sugod na 🙂

    • Thanks, Meeya. It is and we’re lucky since we are the first occupants too. Heaven sent, really.

      Good luck on your move. I’m sure you will do well – sanay na kayo sa mga moves na ganyan so I’m sure it won’t be a major change. Super excited for Ninna – finally you’ll soon have a place to call home.

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