Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 15, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our family’s adventure.  I leave Manila – once again – this time not  kingdom-bound  – but to open ourselves to even more blessings in the Land Down Under – specifically, in Brisbane, Australia. 😀

Although the past four years in Saudi Arabia have been (generally) wonderful for our family, we have decided to take on this rare opportunity to uproot ourselves once more and “re-plant”  in what we hope  will be our new and permanent home away from home.

We expect our move to be initially tough but we gain strength from the fact that God is by (and on) our side and that we know that He will ease the transition by removing all the stumbling blocks that lie in our path.  Although the next few months will definitely be challenging for all of us since we need to be separated again, we find comfort knowing that it is only temporary and that, soon, we will “re-group” and be together once more.

So, as we leave our camel train and hop on – or, more appropriately – leap to kangaroo crossing (as always with a lot of faith), I thought it would be fitting for me to (finally) update my cyber home with this new header.

I do hope you continue to keep us company with your (cyber) presence and join us in our new adventures as we decide to follow our own yellow brick road to the wonderful world of OZ!






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  2. well the banner now fits the name to a T so how could you go wrong. i’m sure that chapter in your life will be just as enriching as all the other experiences you have brought your family through.

    sad to know that manila’s losing another bunch of the better species. but hey, we’re all looking for that place under the sky. i hope you’ll finally find it in brisbane.

    i’ll never say good luck to you guys coz you’ve always been lucky. i’ll just say may God continually bless you. bless, bless, bless!

    just don’t forget to capture it in video when little mara acquire that aussie drawl! it’d be a blast!

    • Thanks so much, Dante. God has definitely blessed us in many ways and we are just in awe at how he has worked wonders in our lives – from our move to the KSA a few years back and now here in Australia. More than anything, though, we look forward to meeting many new friends here (and even online) who will provide us with the necessary support as we go on with our journey.

      We believe that God has laid out many wonderful surprises in this new adventure and we hope you continue to join our family as we discover and share all these.

      As to Marga’s Aussie drawl, that has yet to be seen. If she does acquire it, I’ll make sure to catch it on video and share it with all of you!

  3. Good luck and God bless, Keith! I know for sure you will all adjust well to life in Oz, quicker than you did in KSA!

    Cheers! *muah*

    • Thanks so much, Weng. I do hope you guys can come over and visit us here – mukhang it may take a while before we can visit you in Texas kasi eh.

  4. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

    • Amen to this! Such comforting and encouraging words that are so appropriate for this time in our family’s life… thanks so much for sharing, T Anna!

    • Thanks, T Anna. I agree with Pinky. Thanks for reassuring us with God’s word. We really need it now more than ever.

  5. Missing you terribly… 😦

    Don’t worry, still hanging on as I know that this is just a bump on the road and that a “grander” master plan is now unfolding for our family.

    Stay strong and keep the faith. See you in 8 weeks! Mwah!

    • See you soon, Hon! Missing you more… fast forward button please!

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