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Wonderful Wanderlust – The Parisian Chapter

Since we got married, Pinky and I have been fortunate to have traveled to a few amazing places over the years. Thankfully, my wife and I both enjoy discovering such new sights, taking (amateur) souvenir photographs of people, places and things we’ve seen and just immersing ourselves and – if we’re lucky enough – unwinding together in the culture and novelty of the places we are blessed to visit.

Apart from this shared interest, another thing we love doing  is just hanging out with our respective families – usually enjoying casual meals together while exchanging stories and jokes. So, when the idea of merging these two “favorite activities” (i.e., traveling and being with family) arose earlier this year – with the cost being partially subsidized by our ever-so-generous sponsors parents – we immediately agreed to it without any qualms.  Anyway, who are we to complain, right?   After all,  it may take a while before all the planets (and stars!) align this way again. 😉

Although some of us have been to Paris before, we knew we had to include this again in our itinerary for various sentimental reasons. For Pinky and I, it was to relive how we instantly fell in love with the place when we first saw it and to also see other sights in and around the city which we missed during our last visit. For some of us, it was to experience the magic of the City of Lights for the first time.  And, for one of us (you know who you are!), at least, it was to rekindle a romance – the French kind! 😳

While we experienced much, much more from this trip than we ever wanted or expected  (case in point: when a group of teenage girls attempted to, but failed, to pick our pockets in the subway!), this city is and will always be one of my personal favorites.  I do hope these snapshots do justice to this really beautiful and memorable city…


One of the many places Pinky and I wanted to see again was the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, which we barely saw the last time we were here  – and during the night time at that! 😦

The Cathedral’s name literally means Our Lady of Paris, obviously dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Constructed between 1160-1345 A.D., its facade is elaborately designed with various statues of saints, religious people and other gruesome reminders to people of what may happen to them if they decide to go astray.

The interior of the Cathedral was equally impressive with its high gothic-styled ceilings, columns and chandeliers. Fortunately for us, since we arrived on a Sunday, we were able to attend the “international” mass in the cathedral.  However, this also meant that we were understandably not allowed to take photographs during the service.

Another beautiful structure nestled on the summit of the highest point of the city – the artist village of Montmartre – is the Basilique du Sacre Coeur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart).

This lovely Venetian carousel made a pretty addition to this very artsy place…

while this little girl reminded me so much of our daughter, who we left behind in Manila during this tour.

I am a “super-fan” of French architecture and its undeniable old world charm – I simply can’t get enough of its very regal and well-maintained buildings especially when these are adorned with those elaborate and very life-like statues.  I also love those peek-a-boo-triangular-thingies on some rooflines (like those in the photo above) – it’s a pity that we all did not get to know what their “proper names” were – hahaha!

The city, however, looks even more spectacular and dramatic at night – when the facade of the buildings and monuments are all lit up for the whole world to see.

I guess they don’t call Paris the “City of Lights” for nothing!

The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel located near the Louvre was constructed to commemorate the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Musee du Louvre – the world’s largest and most visited museum – houses many of the greatest antiquities and art pieces such as the Mona Lisa, the marble statue of the Winged Victory and the Venus de Milo.

More recently, this unique inverted glass pyramid has become one of the main attractions of the museum – especially after it was made even more popular by the Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code.

Of course, two of the most famous landmarks of the city are undoubtedly these…

… the Eiffel Tower – which we ironically just photographed from afar – first from the Seine River Dinner Cruise (as shown above)…

…and later from the scenic Trocadero Square …

Of course, not to be missed is the grand (and more famous of the two arcs) Arc De Triomphe ‘lEtoile  – built to commemorate those who died in the French revolution and Napoleonic wars.  It’s definitely such a sight to behold especially at night!

Surprisingly, another highlight of this Parisian holiday was our experience of the variety and quality of  food the French capital had to offer.

From these savory chicken and steak dishes we sampled during our Seine cruise… the delectable spring rolls and “drool-worthy” Asian dumplings courtesy of our local conossieur and monsieur…

… Louis Pierre. 😎

While we were able to see much of this beautiful city this time around…

… there were still some areas that we unfortunately failed to cover on this trip…

…which gives us more than enough reason to come back to this fabulous city yet again.  Still a good thing. Absolutely. Lovely.






  1. amazing photos, parang nakarating na rin ako ng Paris…i especially loved the little girl photo. 🙂

    • I love that too! Thanks for the nice comment, TA!

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