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Spectacular Seville – Simply Sizzling!

Shortly after we left the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, we crossed the border again into Spain and arrived at the fourth largest city in the country, Seville.

Originally known as Hispalis, when it was occupied by the Romans more than 2000 years ago, the place has been regarded as the artistic, cultural and financial capital of  Andalusia (or southern province of Spain).  After the Moorish invasion from North Africa in around 700 A.D., the city was later renamed to Sevilla and has since been known as such.  Despite the city’s reconquest by the Catholic Spanish King Fernando III in 1248, many of the Moorish influences remain evident to this day as we pleasantly saw with our very own eyes…

… the La Giralda or bell tower of this Gothic-medieval Cathedral, which used to be the minaret of a mosque where the “call to prayer” was religiously done by the Imam (Moslem equivalent of priest) five times a day.  Undoubtedly, it has become one of the better known symbols of the city.

Without question, the Cathedral is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen thus far in Europe.  Its elaborate altar and choirloft are enough to make everyone’s jaw drop in awe.  Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took came out blurry since flash photography was not allowed inside the premises.

Also located inside the Cathedral is this elaborate and beautiful tomb carried by the “four heralds” – the final resting place of Christopher Columbus (or around 150 grams of what’s left of him). 

The exterior of the Cathedral was equally impressive…

… as well as the Plaza Virgen De los Reyes, which showcases the best of Spanish architecture.


What surprised me during our tour was the fact there seemed to always be a Jewish quarter in the major cities of Spain.  This fountain was located in one of the many winding alleys in the area.

A few minutes outside modern Seville lies the ruins of the ancient residential Roman city of Italica…

… where, behind this serene garden and beautiful rose patch, lie the remnants of old houses and other establishments. 

These impressive mosaic floor tiles are probably one of the highlights of the place.  However, every visit to this site must end with this…

… a tour of the well preserved colosseum.

It is hard to believe that we were standing on the same corridors where gladiators and prisoners used to walk and most of the time probably faced their death while entertaining a rowdy crowd. 

In fact, just putting ourselves in the shoes of those gladiators and/or prisoners (think dying brutally while a barbaric maniatical crowd cheered on) made some of us, err, want to pretend to pee in fear – he he he! 😆

Thankfully, Seville has gone a long way since when the Romans ruled it and we enjoyed a more “civilized” and yet, equally passionate form of entertainment – the Flamenco.   


While these bicycles have more recently become a popular mode of transport for tourists to enjoy the many sites the city had to offer, our group, of course, decided to take the more traditional method of going around this beautiful place …

… just leisurely walking while “candidly” posing and…

… window shopping!

While we were definitely shocked to see many of these “passionate” lovers all over town, I somehow understand why they could not contain their emotions and were just so caught up in the moment.  Definitely, Seville sizzles in more ways than one! 

















  1. hehehe… coming from a more ‘conservative’ culture that we have, i’m sure seeing lovers making out in the streets is just as awesome as the cathedrals and bell towers!

    darn i’d probably be just as carefree as them if i’ve lived all my life surrounded by all those artistic riches!!!

    (hope i’m not raising mrs pinky’s eyebrows! hehehe)

    • Dante, you’re so right. Our jaws dropped when we saw the passionate lovers smooch in front of every one, which was almost the same reaction we had when we saw all those beautiful landmarks the city had to offer. Actually, in hindsight, the public display of affection was more of a hit to us – ha ha ha!

      Naku, I’m sure you’d blend well there at baka i-shock mo pa silang lahat – he he he!

      No raised eyebrows here, Dante!

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