Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 26, 2010


Our lucky streak must have been riding high after we came from Avila since another local folklore festival was again underway in our next stop – the small town of Obidos, Portugal. 

With only around 3,ooo inhabitants, this hillside community boasts of its well-preserved fortified medieval wall and aqueduct…

… and guarantees a great view of a truly picturesque village of roof-tiled and white washed houses.

This terrace, which was decorated with a row of potted plants, gives a nice view of this…

… a small chapel in the center of the town.

Some tourists preferred riding horse-drawn carriages to get around this small village…

… but most just wanted to walk the shop-lined cobblestone streets and look for locally made items such as …

… wooden musical toys like this and…


… hand crafted ceramic tiles.

Later that day, loud music started to play as a small group of locals started to parade in their unique and colorful costumes.  This definitely made the whole place more festive and nice.

Those who were up in their houses…

… or even on the city’s walls could not resist enjoying the whole parade.

As for me, I noticed this pretty little girl and, at that moment,  just wished our three children were there with us too.

As for now, though, all we could do was enjoy the moment and just be contented listening to our childrens’ laughter and voices over the phone.











  1. what a beautiful town!!! i love the wooden musical toy. thanks for sharing your adventures.

  2. Thanks TA for patiently following our adventures. I want to document kasi as much as I can so we can one day look at this site when we want to remember the good times.

    I also love that wooden toy because the colors are so beautiful.

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