Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 23, 2010

Swingin’ For Some Action

Rested and all ready to go, we found ourselves pumped for our next adventure amidst the towering trees of the Subic forest –  the Tree Top Adventure! :mrgreen:

The boys and I were so psyched for this activity until we realized how high we were as we stood on the park’s main platform – which was at least 100 feet off the ground! That’s when we started to have second thoughts on whether we still wanted to up our adrenaline that morning… 😳

We instantly knew we did not have the guts to try out the “tree drop,” which promised the “brave” maximum adrenaline rush as one dangles for dear life on top of a sixty foot tree  just to be later released by the park attendants and plunged to your death  to less than a few inches above the ground (think Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible)!

We decided to just take the “canopy ride” first and – if we survived it – kept our options open for the “Superman” adventure.

Our daughter was (seriously) the only one brave enough to try all the attractions.  Unfortunately, she was still too small to be allowed to go on them.

Team Sy all set and ready to go! Our group was split into two…

The “trying-to-look-brave” Team A…

… and the “trying-to-look-brave-too” Team B!

We eventually met up in one of the stops and decided to get a group shot. 

This is our “getting even” photos (which were conceptualized, directed and shot by our competent treetop guides, by the way) – just having fun!

We enjoyed the canopy ride so much, the boys and I decided to push it a little further by taking on the Superman ride.  Unfortunately, despite all effort to keep my stomach in, the pull of gravity was just too much that all my photos leaned more to the “disgusting” side – not “superman-like” at all.  To put a positive spin on the situation though… ever heard of the expression “No gut(s), No glory” ? Well, in my case, let’s just say… all gut, all glory! Oh, yeah! 😆

The boys were so terrified at first…

… but all that soon disappeared when they were zipped back and forth the forest. 

We survived swinging through the forest of Subic extremely happy and without a scratch.  No doubt, Tree Top Adventure is one place we will definitely swing by to again if given the chance. 😀

 SUBIC = SUPER. I rest my case.




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