Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 20, 2010

Zoo far, Zoo good!

After having a great time at the Ocean Adventure, next on our adventure checklist was the Zoobic Safari.. the only tiger safari in the Philippines!

“Birthday boy” poses with his new pals.

Admittedly, of all the things we planned to do at Subic, this one was the most anticipated for me if only for the “very close encounter” we were supposed to have with the park’s free roaming tigers.  Before that, though, we had a guided tour of the reserve and met its “other inhabitants”, which included, among others, these wonderful creatures…

… an albino carabao, which I never knew existed…

… some featherless ostriches, which we found out only had brains the size of peanuts and eyeballs the size of golf balls! 😳

… a pair of publicly affectionate parrots, which pecked on each other endlessly even as we took pictures…

… and their relatives – the hungry parakeets, which did not mind being fed directly from the hands of the guests.

Then there was a “familiar favorite” 😉 Believe it or not, despite four years of living in the Middle East, this was our first time to feed a camel… 😎

… and, come to think of it, even this bear cat seemed all too ready and willing to grab this…

… a banana slice that Marga and I offered on a stick.

This white tiger (cub, mind you!), I believe the only one in the country, looked so tame in chains.

So we all decided to visit more of its free roaming cousins in the park’s Tiger Safari.

Pinky wanted to take our picture… I guess, a remembrance,  just in case those wild tigers decide to have us for their afternoon snack.

The converted jeepney we rode in was cramped and hot.  Inspite of this, we still wanted to get some souvenir photos – even though we looked so sticky and icky (aka “like trash”) already…eeewww!!!

Before we entered the safari, we were asked by the guide if we wanted to purchase a PhP200 dressed chicken to attract the tigers.  We opted to pass so this was what we got in return… a disinterested beast who just posed for a brief photo-op – it looks like these animals were well-trained by the park owners.

Admittedly, we were all disappointed by the lame attraction.  We all agreed that the park owners should have already included the cost of the chicken in our entrance fee instead of having people pay extra for the bait food.  After all, I’m sure most of the visitors would like to see their vehicle being pranced upon by these fierce beasts.

The next vehicle after us enjoyed the tigers’ wilder side since they did not mind paying extra for a more exciting experience. Thankfully, we later exprienced a close encounter with some hungry caged tigers and that partly made up for the lost “pogi points” of the tiger “attraction”.

We left the park tired but roaring for more adventure.  Fortunately, we had one more day in Zamables to get into “full swing.”  For now, however, we return to the comfort of our lovely accommodation for a warm bath and a sumptous Thai-inspired meal.  Life is great!



  1. can’t help but laugh on what you said about pinky taking a pic in case the tigers decide to have you for their afternoon snack! funnyyy!

    thanks for sharing these adventures… it feels like i’m experiencing subic myself!

    • Oo nga, Dante… I see naman the wisdom in taking photos especially if you are going right smack into the lions’ tigers’ den, right? Medyo, ang weird lang isispin that it might be your last group shot – he he he!

      Glad you enjoyed our trip… nice to have a cyber bud with us : )

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