Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 18, 2010

Giving in to our (Wet &) Wild Side

I can’t believe how quickly time flies.  A few years ago, Pinky and I were busy thinking of what party theme to give our boys for their birthdays.  Now, both our sons are close to their teens and not in any way interested in Spongebob, Ben 10 or all those other “kiddie stuff” any more.

In order to make Rafael’s birthday more “age-appropriate” and memorable for everyone, we thought of challenging ourselves and pushing our boundaries a bit by seeking adventure in the “stricter” sense of the word.  Thankfully, we were in Subic, and, in the Philippines, Subic is synonymous to adventure.

First on our agenda was the Ocean Adventure, where exotic sea creatures (like those shown above) abound.

We headed straight to the Marine Patrol Headquarters… 


… where our friend taught us about conservation and how to be protectors of the seas and the environment.

Although their aquarium showcased quite a varied collection of underwater life forms, this place had more to offer than just fish, crustaceans and sea anemones.

Next on our checklist was their “walk on the wild side” show, which taught us about basic jungle survival and other animals commonly found in the forests of Subic. And to prove that we all learned a lot…

… Pinky and I asked our children to conquer our their fear of snakes in front of the camera! 

Rafael had some issues when the snake decided to come close and give him a birthday hiss kiss.

We waited patiently in the bleachers for the highlight of our stay in Ocean Adventure – the Dolphin show.  There was a pleasant surprise waiting for us, though…

… “birthday boy” was handpicked in the audience to be their special guest – oh yes, with no “prior arrangement” whatsoever! Talk about a happy coincidence! 😀

What that meant, though, was that he needed to show a few “dance moves” to please the crowd…

… of course with his “splashy” new friend!


Marga and Luigi also wanted to meet Rafael’s new friends, so after the show we paid a “little extra” for them to get up close and personal with the dolphins too.

Ocean Adventure was a hit with the whole family, however, we needed to leave early in the afternoon for even “more adventure” and to meet more, er, “new” friends.  That, however, will  have to wait till my next post.  Until then…














  1. happy bday to Rafael…ang tapang naman nila sa snakes lalo na si Marga…snake is my biggest fear, i can never do that!

    • Thanks, T. Anna! Naku, kahit kami ni Pinky super takot din. In fact, I told Pinky to pose with the snakes and she told me na ako na lang daw. Siyempre, dead-ma rin ako sa kanya so yung mga anak na lang namin pina-pose namin – he he he!

  2. wow-zy! brave Marga =)

    • Salamat Beverly.

  3. omg! i’m green with envy with these kids. di ko kaya ang snake and i’d salute marga a thousand times for being so fearless. and birthday boy rafael is so lucky to have played with that dolphin – something that’s on my ‘must do’ list before i get too old to play with them!

    lucky kids to have a set of parents like you!

    • Dante, naku, you know my daughter was even so excited. It’s like she was just holding a toy. She described the snake as rubbery nga daw eh. Siguro if they revive “zuma” here they can use one of our kids for the movie.

      As for the dolphin, super na-iingit din ako. I’ve never been that close to a dolphin before and I want to do it also. Medyo mahal nga lang yung extra payment to do it so we just let the three kids go instead of us – hopefully this should be a good way of educating them about loving our environment and every thing that lives in it.

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