Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 15, 2010

Food, Fun and Laughter

I noticed that the past few posts I’ve done have always been about us and Pinky’s side of the family.  I only realized lately that whenever we meet up with my family I somehow forget to document the event.  Fortunately, our recent get-together was something I could not dare miss since it was the 63rd birthday of my mom.

Since her birthday fell on a weekday, we all decided to just have dinner at Italianni’s in the Alabang Town Center while the “main event” – where we invited a few of our relatives – was held at home the same weekend. 

Here are highlights from the first celebration…


The fruity crab salad and seafood linguini in cream sauce were just some of the yummy orders we had at Italianni’s.  

My mom – still looking beautiful at 63 if I may say so myself. :mrgreen:

Guj and Kaye (a.k.a. my eldest brother and sis-in-law)

The youngest addition to our family – and favorite playmate of our daughter – baby Kyle!

Lovely daughters-in-law (aka “the Sy-sters”): Loree, Pinky and Ayn

Rafael with best bud Matthew, my nephew, flashing their “close-up smiles.”

The whole family (sans my youngest brother who was still slaving away at work and Luigi who was taking the photo).

And now on to the bigger party… 😉

Dinner at our home –  our boys with cousins, Angela, Christie and Matthew.

The birthday celebrants – mom and my cousin, Ollie, who just turned 4-0! 

Our family’s version of the “Guwapings”

My aunts, uncle and cousins.

Our family just keeps on growing every year.  The newest mommy-son tandems: Mai and Riley, Ayn and Kyle, and Annalee and Marco.  

Both gatherings were definitely fun-filled and were highlighted by great food, laughter and an endless supply of stories from family members.  Let the good times roll! 😀












  1. Can’t believe Mike Sy is your brother! I worked with him in INQ7!

  2. Wow, Kala! What a small world. I’ll mention it to him.

    How are you now? Have you moved to KSA?

  3. I know, such a small world! We used to make kulit Mike to join our inumans, to no avail! 😀

    My husband is already in KSA but my daughter and I are still in Paris, waiting for the paperwork to be done. I think we’ll be there by October. Hope all is well for you guys too, and that you’re all ready for down under. Cheers!

    • Kala, naku, my sister-in-law will be happy to know that… wait, baka naman my brother just paid you to say that… he he he!

      I hope your husband is doing fine in KSA. I’m sure the adjustment will be a lot especially now that it is the Ramadan season. I’m sure your visas will be released soon so don’t worry about it. Sometimes things are just done a little slower in the kingdom so you have to be a bit more patient to survive.

      We are still not fully ready to move down under but we’re getting there. Thanks so much for the well wishes, though.

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