Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 15, 2010

“Bean” There, Done A Lot

One of the places Pinky and I love to visit when we are in the Philippines is Tagaytay City. It’s close proximity to Manila, beautiful scenery, perfect cool weather and good selection of dining options make it a must-go-to place whenever we are in town.

Although we have consciously made the decision to defer all out-of-town vacations while in the Philippines – due to scarcity of available vehicles – we could not  do so any longer since our close friends from Saudi Arabia (the Baets and Rodrigos)  were also “temporarily” in town for a few days before they transit and settle further on to the land of maple trees and moose. So, with that as our perfect excuse, we brought the children up to Tagaytay one Friday afternoon to enjoy these…


… an hour-long pony ride along the ridge, where the view of the lake was just picture-perfect…

… and this tempting blueberry cheesecake from Bag of Beans.

The rustic garden setting of the restaurant was definitely a nice touch – provided you do not forget to generously apply your favorite insect repellent – he he he! 


But the highlight of our day was finally meeting again our dear friends from the kingdom.

To Leweiss, Noriel, J.P. and the kids, we will all definitely miss you guys.  Thank you for opening your home to us and for treating us like your own family when we were newbies in the kingdom.  We will always remember fondly all the times and fun moments we spent together.

As you start a new chapter of your lives in Canada and in the Philippines, may the good Lord always protect you and keep your family under his loving protection and care.

We hope to see you all again one day.







  1. Keith, Pinky and kids,

    bigla naman akong nasenti.

    living and working in Saudi for more than 3 yrs has been one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had, yet, it’s also one of my most treasured.

    it’s because of all the wonderful friends i’ve made while in that surreal dimension called KSA, including your family, Ton, and all of our friends, whose warm and sincere friendship is much more precious than all the gold and crude oil of the Kingdom.

    we can never thank God enough for allowing our paths to cross during our Middle Eastern sojourn. i have faith that wherever life’s road may take us, we will always be bound by our friendship.

    never say goodbye, friends, just see you whenever, wherever. God bless.

    P.S., kulang ang pix- wala ang ating cafe alamid. hehehe (dapat me suki card or referral points na ako sa Bag of Beans- redeemable for a whole blueberry cheesecake). XD

    • JP, KSA truly is a place that is challenging in many aspects. However, like you, we left it bringing lots of beautiful memories to treasure. Thanks to good friends like you, Leweiss and Noriel whom we share a common bond and whom will always remember.

      Please always keep in touch. We will miss you all very much.

      The coffee shot did not turn out as nice as I expected (even after editing it) so I decided not to include it any more. I will always remember the wonderful taste of Coffee Alamid, though, thanks to you.

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