Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 5, 2010


If my memory serves me right, the only award I won in any competition is a silver medal in singing when I was in preparatory school more than three decades ago.  My two older children would often tease and heckle me in disbelief  everytime I proudly mention this to them – as if I was not even talented and deserving of this prestigious honor! 

So, in order to prove myself and somewhat restore my shattered ego, while at the same time thinking of a worthwhile family activity now that we are on vacation, I decided to challenge our children to a sing-off in our neighborhood Platinum videoke bar. Of course, we also decided to bring some “reinforcement” to help spice up the evening (read: other family members who would not dare judge us no matter how much fools we make of ourselves afterwards).

Everyone was somewhat pretending to be “reserved” that evening – careful not to immediately show-off what talent they had in-store.

That, of course, quickly changed once the lights were dimmed…

… and the music started to play.

First to grab the microphone was our divalette, who belted out a Lady Gaga song… who said she was too young for a Bad Romance?

Cousin Alyssa could not wait to go Gaga as well but our divalette just simply refused to pass the mic – at least not while singing “I want your love. Love, love, love…” :mrgreen:

Rafael looks “Beiber-ish” but his rendition of “You Raise Me Up” will definitely make Josh Groban blush in shame.  He effortlessly hit all those high notes!

Luigi’s version of Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” definitely sent goosebumps that started with our toes and made our noses crinkle.

I rendered an “emo” version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” hoping to get a slot as Charice’s partner in the second season of Glee but my daughter only found my rendition funny.  

Thankfully, my version of the 80’s pop hit “Buttercup” brought the house down…

… as with Pinky’s not so innocent “Oops! I Did It Again.”  C’mon now… Hit me, baby, one more time! 😆

Sis-in-law, Rina, proved she was the multi-task queen when she sang “Bleeding Love” while eating nachos. C-o-o-l-!

Bro-in-law, Pippo, on the other hand,was clearly in his element that night… Hmmm… too much practice at Airforce One, perhaps? 🙄

Although not everyone had their chance to show-off their musicality that night…

… our KTV evening was still a sure hit with the whole family. I’m sure an encore will be in order soon!






  1. “Release the inner diva (divo?)” seemed to be the theme for the night – hahaha! Though in my case it was more for “keeping it in”… 😉

    Another “successful” event thanks to you, “Master (Events) Planner”! 😀

    • Keeping it in? Hmmm, it didn’t look that way, hon, when you sang all those songs.

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