Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 2, 2010


The latest craze to hit town is the “fro-yo” (frozen yogurt) desserts.  I remember enjoying this back in the Middle East so you can just imagine how excited we were to see this all over the metro.  This is definitely a great and fun way for non-weight watchers, like us, to cool down from the scorching tropical heat.   

Our favorite brand so far is the The White Hat in Alabang Town Center, which, incidentally, is also owned by our friends and ex-bank colleagues. I originally wanted to try their Oriental Hat combination but it was out-of-stock.  Instead, I ended up ordering their Baker’s Hat combination, which is basically their signature frozen yogurt topped with homemade cheesecake, blueberries and almond clusters. It was delicious!

As much as I love “fro-yo”, though, I was also extremely surprised and happy to see Italian gelato being sold here in Manila through the international franchise of Gelatissimo, which is located at the second level of Greenbelt 5. 

Without question the creamy gelato (90-97% fat-free, mind you!)  has now become an instant favorite – if only there was a branch in the Alabang area so we can indulge ourselves with  their many tempting ice cream and sorbet creations everyday more often. 

A single flavor cup costs around PhP100 while a double flavored one is around PhP150.  Of course, despite our heavy lunch at Fish Out of Water one afternoon, most of us decided that we wanted to try at least two flavors of gelato (at para masulit naman ang biyahe mula sa “lalawigan” namin – hahaha! :lol:)

Take your pick.  My order was melon and coconut – weird combination, I know… but definitely gela-icious!




  1. have you tried red mango, keith? it’s my fave fro-yo there. tapos, i was so happy to see that they also have branches here sa dallas!! pero iba siyempre ang service “procedure”. over there, they’d scoop and fix everything for you, dito diy (take as much froyo + toppings as you want) and then you pay by the weight. nevertheless, sarap talaga 🙂

    my sister’s friend owns FYI naman. wasnt able to try it though, pero if froyo is what you’re looking for, at least it can be an option.

    as for gellato, try cara mia! its the gellato cafe sister of amici the pasta restaurant. soo good.

    and yes, while in pinas i gained so many pounds. but i dont regret a single thing hehe!

    • Funny how we were just talking about red mango recently, Meeya. My sister-in-law mentioned it to us but we have not tried it out yet. I heard it is so good. I should google it up and see if there are branches here in the south. I have not heard about FYI naman but thanks for mentioning it to us. I enjoy eating fro-yo since I like the mild sour taste of the yogurt.

      Love cara mia too. We used to eat this when it was still under amici since we have an uncle-priest who is salesian. We would visit him in Makati and get free gelato for dessert. Thankfully, they also opened a branch in ATC. Tried it once but forgot to take photos of the yummy ice cream.

      high five on the weight gain, meeya!

  2. I miss this! Now this gives me yet another reason for missing Sandy 😦 Di bale, buti na lang White Hat is just around the corner… and who knows, we might just reunite with Gelatissimo Down Under – since you mentioned it’s an Australian franchise, right? 😉

    • Me too! Super yummy. I also wish Sandy was here, though, to bring us to Makati… she was so reliable.

      Anyway, I’m sure this will not be our last encounter with this yummy gelato. I’ll make sure to look for their branches down under.

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