Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 29, 2010

Something Fish-y Going On

One thing I miss about living in the Philippines is having a variety of good dining options to choose from.  Unlike in Saudi Arabia, where my family was based for the last four years, choosing a restaurant that matches not only our individual cravings but also our budget is easier done here than when we were living abroad. I guess this just shows how much Filipinos love to eat – and we have our bodies to (unfortunately) show for this!

In the very short time that we have been here, our weighing scale has been continually tipping more to the right than we would want to – and that is despite our daily “getting physical” routine of jogging/brisk walking around the neighborhood in the morning 😳  Whew! I should have known that losing a few pounds in the Philippines would be next to impossible – especially in restos like Fish Out of Water (Greenbelt 5) where we gave in yet again to these “tempting delights”… 😉

Honey Mustard Danggit Salad


Twice-cooked pork belly on a bed of mashed potatoes, tofu cubes and quail eggs


 Cagayan Ostrich Salpicao with garlic rice – we could have sworn it was beef!

Fried Lapu-lapu with Mango-Coriander-Chili Sauce


Secret Garden Chopsuey

 The first time we dined here was more than a year ago with my family.  Now, we have “changed courts” and it’s the turn of Pinky’s side of the family to give this resto a “taste test” – of course, thanks to Rina for this yummilicious treat!

“Sugod mga kapatid!” – Pinky and her sibs, care to guess their birth order?

The boys with fave girl cousin, Alyssa.

The newest addition to our family – baby Javi

My fave in-laws

The two lovely ladies of my life – I am truly blessed!

With lunch over, guess where these ‘migas are heading? 

Too bad you’ll have to check out my next post to find out… 😉 Later, peeps!






  1. […] PhP100 while a double flavored one is around PhP150.  Of course, despite our heavy lunch at Fish Out of Water one afternoon, most of us decided that we wanted to try at least two flavors of gelato (at para […]

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  3. i agree, andaming food choices talaga sa pilipinas. tapos you just want to try everything! i’ve been there 8 months pero i haven’t even scratched the surface hehe! (which is a good thing, i think. or else i’d be twice the size i am now already, haha!)

    • LOL! Naku, kami naman eh puro kain, Meeya. We have to stop na nga since medyo expensive to go out din – especially now that we are in-between jobs – he he he!

  4. thank you for dining at fish out of water, we hope to see you again! rest assured that we will continue to give great food and service to our customers

    Leo Vergara
    AGM for Marketing
    The Red Crab Group
    # 0927 809 62 65

    • Leo, this is definitely not the last time we will be visiting your place. Hope you keep up the good food and service.

  5. Hello again. I have been looking at your photo’s what a beautiful family you have,you all look so happy and full of life. I love the photo of the dolphins and the parrots. Well you asked about our work. Because we are retirement age my partner and I work as volunteers at a place called Instap which is connected to the American school of Classical Studies for East Crete and have been there for seven years now which is since we moved here,I work on the small pottery vessels of the Minoan and Byzantine times and John works on the huge pots called Pithoi. I sort the fragments found on excavation into their order i.e.rim shard,body then base .handles and feet if they are tripod cooking pots and analyse for inclusions,then look for all pieces which go together to reconstruct and hope that most of the pieces are there. I have several photo’s of these stages if at some time you would like to see some.Take care on your travels. Thanks for sharing your photo’s

    • Thanks, Rita! Your work sounds very interesting but it seems you have to have A LOT of patience to do it. It somehow reminds me of the jigsaw puzzles my children ask me to help them do. Most of the time, I end up getting frustrated finishing it so I have to tag my wife to substitute me. He he he! It looks like someone can’t be an archeologist in the future.

  6. Hello again. You are quite right one does need a lot of patience but we enjoy our work so dont easily get bored, there is so much variety not just pottery but many other things such as metal objects,flint tools,stone tools etc., we love working with ancient history. I am also of the opinion that putting pottery fragments together was the beginning of the Jigsaw puzzles it certainly seems that way.It would be interesting to check this out on the computer no doubt google will enlighten Rita.

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