Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 24, 2010

John&Yoko…and Us!

Finally, after weeks of avoiding the congested Central Business District of Makati, Pinky and I mustered enough courage to brave the traffic and meet up with our friends from the kingdom.  We dined at John and Yoko – a cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant located at the third floor of the Greenbelt 5 mall.

This marked the second time we have dined in this place and – guess what – we still love it! Great ambience matched with reasonably-priced delicious food – who can beat that, right?  Too bad, though that I was unable to get decent photographs of our orders since our hunger pangs were “on the loose.” 😳 But, I guess, that only gives us another reason to go back to that place again! 😉

Anyway, here are some of the few photos we took that evening. To our dear friends, Raymund, Brenda and Vic, thank you so much for a wonderful time.  We truly enjoyed your company and, of course, this great dining experience.

We hope to see you all again soon!

Yummy chicken teriyaki pizza with mango chunks and tobiko – Japanese fusion cuisine at its best

As you can see, we started eating our orders before I could even say “1-2-3 cheese!” – our group was definitely a hungry bunch!

With our generous host, Vic (aka “Moses” – he who started the exodus from the desert – hahaha!), who treated us to this wonderful meal.

Pinky and Brenda enjoying an “abaya-free” dinner – definitely liberating! 😀 Pinky claims though that she must be on some abaya withdrawal mode – notice that she was still wearing black that evening – ha ha ha!

Raymund and Brenda – young love, sweet love… Raymund was truly “glowing” that evening! 😉

The whole bunch… happy and contented 🙂

Another group pose for posterity’s sake.


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