Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 20, 2010

Buzz(ing) Back into the Scene

Guess who’s been partying with friends lately…

… who else but our divalette, Marga!

Yes, after a few weeks of “exclusively” playing catch-up with our families and doing various personal errands, we have officially started to free-up our calendar to meet up with close friends.  I guess what is great about our situation now is that, unlike our previous holidays when we were pressured to squeeze in a whole lot of activities within a very short time, our homecoming  is somewhat different this time around since we can plan and do more things at a leisurely pace – thank goodness!  And, what better way to break the ice – and throw us back into the social arena – than by letting our “party-deprived daughter” attend a Toy Story-themed event last weekend.

We figured, who in their right mind could resist all these games, goodies and gimmicks, right?! 

… even Buzz, Jessie and Kermit (guess which one does not belong) could not resist gracing the event.

As for Pinky and I, let’s just say we took this opportunity to do our own socializing with friends too. 😉

Hmm, I wonder which party we will be attending next?  Stay tuned for more updates…






  1. It was one fun party indeed! So nice to see and reconnect with old friends… and, in Marga’s case, to meet and enjoy the company of new ones 🙂

  2. I agree! We are blessed to be surrounded by many good people. It’s nice to see them all again.

  3. cute naman, terno ng color ang mag-mommy! 🙂 bday parties in pinas are so gimmicky no? pero so fun. buti na lang, sa party ni ninna, the only gimmick she wanted was jollibee dancing “nobody, nobody but you”, hehe!

    • Yup, dami talagang gimmick dito sa Pinas. I just saw the party of another friend who had a performing acrobat! First time to see that one here.

      Jollibee para rin siyempre ang bida! Did you see the video that was in FB (the cutest mascot)? Ang galing sumayaw ni JB.

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