Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 13, 2010

Splashin’ Away!

It’s officially the rainy season here in the Philippines but, despite the occasional thunderstorms, the weather remains very humid.  Surprisingly, even though the local temperature is considerably lower than what our family was generally  accustomed to in our desert home, our “sticky” situation seems more unbearable here than when we were in our sandbox.

How do we cope, you may ask?  Simple…

… we test the water…


… and then make a big splash!

Thankfully, we live in Camp Oz (the term of endearment we use to call my parents-in-laws’ residence)…

… where cooling off in the pool is…

… guaranteed to bring out a smile!



  1. Love the pics, Hon! 😀 The kids sure had a blast that day – especially with Tito Monty and Alyssa around.

    • Yes, I know. Just looking at these now makes me one to jump and make a big splash too!

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