Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 12, 2010

Breaking Dawn

I’ve been awake the whole night.  Slept just a few hours when I woke up and realized that Pinky was not by my side.  When she came back, we spoke about many things… from family to the gay who sat beside us at the Legally Blonde matinée show this afternoon.  Now she’s asleep while I’m all wide awake at 4 am uploading photos to Flickr and internalizing the music from (Phantom) Love Never Dies.  

Our weekend was packed.  It started with an hour and a half long  great massage session last Friday evening – which eventually left my whole body bruised, aching but wanting for more.  Life is sadistically weird, I guess – pain and pleasure always have to go hand in hand.

The whole of Saturday was spent in Sta Rosa where we celebrated the birthday of a Salesian priest-uncle of ours.  Surprisingly, so much has changed since we last visited this place – residential areas and various commercial establishments have sprouted left and right and these have contributed to the increasing traffic in the area.  Notwithstanding, I must say that the Nuvali and Sta Rosa commercial complexes are impressive and contains a good selection of dining options, which makes it a perfect alternative for those who want to avoid the congested central business district of Makati.

We had lunch at King Bee, a typical Chinese-looking restaurant with exemplary food.  Pinky and I have been craving for great dimsum and Chinese food for some time and this was our moment to consume as much as we could – never mind if our collective weights are now dangerously bordering obese!  😳  Who could blame us?  Tell me, honestly, how can you resist these tempting dishes…

… steamed shrimp dumplings (hakaw)…

… beef with broccoli flowers…

… sweetened roast pork…

… and the King Bee special fried chicken.  Aside from these, we also ordered steamed garlic fish, shrimp foo yong, birthday noodles and a variety of siomai.  However, we ended up eating these before I could even get decent photos.

Shortly before we left for Nuvali, the grandchildren and the celebrant pose beside the King Bee himself.  My daughter wittingly remarked how the statue looked like a much older version of Jollibee… hmm, she’s right, I see the resemblance. :mrgreen:

Guess what everyone is fussing about?  Clue – they’re mostly orange and there’s a hundred or more of them…

… hundreds of carp waiting to be fed.


The boat ride around the lake was a definite winner with our children and a great way to cap the afternoon.

Of course, as with most Pinoy gatherings, a picture with the whole gang (sans my father-in-law who took our photo) is a must.


Dawn breaks but all our photos have been uploaded and the music of the Phantom reaches its climax – I am moved by this masterpiece.  Now, my mind starts to go blank… for now, this is all I can share. 

Until my next update, good night morning to you all! 















  1. […] Short out-of-town drives like these are much appreciated and enjoyed – especially when we get to try something new – like stuffing fabulous fish like these (after stuffing ourselves first with honest-to-goodness dimsum delights!) It was truly one big “feeding frenzy” that Saturday afternoon – both for us and the fish – how lucky can we get, right? 😉 To know more about the rest of our day trip, click on hubby’s account here. […]

  2. ei keith! i’m from sta rosa myself. un nga lang, from the poorer side far from nuvali! hahaha.. and yup, i’m mighty proud of paseo de sta rosa coz i’ts makati sans the maddening crowd.

    i would admit, without any shame, that i salivated when i saw that roast pork! it’s still a few months to go before i could sink my teeth to something as juicy as that! yummmmm

    • Dante, ang galing ng development sa Sta Rosa – I was so impressed. It looks really different from years back. My uncle is from Sta Rosa too – he is a Caringal, you may know them.

      We we’re salivating too when the food was served. I wanted to take so much photos but could not resist the tempting food. This is what I miss here in the Philippines. I’m so worried lang na super ta-taba ako dito – he he he!

  3. king bee is our fave restaurant…super sarap ng dimsum nila! we’re just a few kilometers away from nuvali, dun kami sa loob ng nuvali nakatira, Avida settings.

    • T. Anna, I can’t believe ngayon nga lang namin natikman ito ni Pinky. Super sarap ng pagkain – yes, and the dimsum is really good.

      You guys made a good investment in this area. I’m sure prices will sky rocket in a few more years – if not already by now. The next time you are on vacation (and we are here), kukulitin namin kayo ni Joms para maka-kain tayo sa King Bee!

      Hope all is well back in the Kingdom!

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