Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 11, 2010

20 Seconds of Fame

The lure of show business is just too hard to resist…

In case you failed to watch last night’s episode of Kwentong Disyerto, I am posting this short video segment of the show for posterity’s sake.  Unfortunately, since I only took this using my mobile phone, the audio quality is not that clear. 

To our dear friend, Raffy Beltran (TFC-Saudi Arabia correspondent), thank you so much for jump-starting our “showbiz careers” 😀  and for making this – our 20 seconds of fame – happen.   Pinky and I had a sudden rush of wonderful memories of our (ISO) family back in the Middle East.  We miss you all very much!





  1. Wow! Di ko yan napanood sa tv. Yan pala yung sinasabi ni Jheff na may nakakita raw sa kanya sa TFC.

    • Nabanggit din ng officemate ko na nakita rin niya kami sa TV. It pays to be connected to showbiz people – now we know how you feel Ann. Sarap maging artista!

  2. Keith, Pinky, Rafa, Luigi and Marga,

    Thank you too for the memories you have imparted on us too. I cannot forget “Spaghetti”, I don’t know why? LOL

    Second time naging laman ako ng Blog! Hehehe

    Good luck in you new career in Showbiz…

    • Thanks so much, Raffy/Edith for your friendship. We were blessed to know you both – even for a short time. In case wala kaming trabaho sa OZ, baka naman mahanapan mo kami ng opening sa ABS – he he he! May star potential naman kami, di ba?

  3. wow, you’re SOOOO there!!! this is how it feels pala to be related to celebrities! 😉 yowzah!

    • You’re so lucky, Rina! Don’t you notice the secret glances of people when we walk in the mall? In time, you’ll get used to it. He he he!

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