Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 7, 2010

Manila, Manila

It’s been a week since we arrived in Manila for our extended vacation and – except for our unfortunate incident when we landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport where my wife’s luggage was tampered with by airport employees and some personal items stolen – everything has been great so far.

Most of our time now has been spent relaxing with our immediate family and trying to catch up on lost time.  These are the moments we’ve missed a lot since we moved abroad and we plan to make the most out of it before we are separated again by air, water and space.

Our dining experiences have been exemplary and I am sure we have gained several pounds already in the very short time that we have been here.  Unfortunately, our wallets too have been bleeding heavily not because we have been splurging unnecessarily but more due to the unbelievably high prices of basic commodities here in Manila. One time we decided to treat our children, nephews and nieces to watch Toy Story 3 and was later shocked to find out that it cost PhP300 per person to watch a 3D movie!  What is more shocking, though, is that many people still patronize these shows despite the steep cost. 

Anyway, since we have been mostly homebound – cooling down by my in-laws’ pool every now and then – we have not yet really experienced the worst of Manila traffic – thank goodness!  I know how nightmare-ish it can get so we are carefully planning our trips to within the area where we live only- and its nearby “attractions” –  and avoiding the Central Business District of Makati as much as possible.  Makati rush hour jams are indescribable and we are just sparing ourselves from needless agony by going there only when we really have to.

No matter how bad it may seem, sometimes, Manila is still our city and it remains very dear to our hearts so we want our children to cherish and remember as much as they can while they are on vacation here.  Hopefully, these memories are what will pull us through when the going gets tough again abroad. 


Dinner with family at Luk Foo Hot Pot restuarant.






  1. Oh yes, Manila, despite its annoyances and “shocking” developments, will always be home to us and will always be a place we will go back to again and again – maybe not always physically but a lot of times through our memories and fond remembrances. 🙂

    • I so agree, Hon!

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