Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 28, 2010

Chapter Close: Four Years of Beautiful Memories

The past few days have been very hectic and emotional for my whole family.  You can say we are close to becoming a total wreck in between the packing, errands and denial that our desert adventure will soon come to a close.  What is surprising, though, is that I never in my wildest dreams expected that it would be very difficult for us to leave what has become our temporary home here in Saudi Arabia.

Like most Filipino expatriates who decided to leave our country and seek their fortunes abroad, we too have been burdened with lots of difficulties and challenges that tested our limits.  Often, our family succumbed to many tears but, in every instance, I would like to think that we were triumphant in handling these experiences as we definitely became stronger and more united as a family.

Of course, we could not have done it alone.  In fact, the only reason we managed to become happy is because we met so many people along the way who touched our lives in one way or the other and who continually offered our family’s intentions in their prayers.  To all our family, friends, acquaintances and cyber-buddies thank you for keeping us company and for watching and helping us grow. 

I am having difficulty finishing this post as I am just overwhelmed by how God has touched our lives tremendously.  He kept all the promises He made to us before we took on that daring leap of faith four years ago and, as much as we are not deserving,  I can only revel at how much He has blessed us.  Truly, His generous heart cannot be outdone!

As we finally close this chapter of our lives, allow me to share four years of beautiful memories that we bring along as we soon begin our next journey.  I tried to include as much photographs as I can in this simple collage but was constrained by technical reasons.  To all those people whom I inadvertently missed out, please do know that we will always remember you and that we are sincerely grateful for the warm friendship you have unselfishly shared with us.

Although we bid our temporary farewells, one day, I know our paths will cross again…

A brief warning though – due to the number of pictures included in the slideshow, you would have to listen to Gary V sing his song, oh, about five times perhaps, 😳 if you want to see all the photos included (talk about an LSS overdose!) 😆   Anyway, view and enjoy… as I really made this with all of you dear people in mind 🙂



  1. God bless you and your beautiful family. may HE continue to guide you specially now that you’re venturing into a new territory.

    • Thanks so much, Dante! Please do keep in touch as we would like to be updated on all-things Saudi!

  2. Nanliit ako sa post mo. Here I am in Kuwait, nagrereklamo dahil ang taas ng bilihin when what I should have done first is be grateful of the things — and people — that became a part of my Saudi life.

    Thanks, Keith, sa post mo. Touching.

    (I remember I saw you last week near that popular bakery — ano na nga pangalan nun? — near Kadiwa. Hindi mo siguro ako nakilala dahil you called me Sir, and I called you Keith. Naalala mo na? Oo, Keith, ako nga un. Hehe).

    Goodluck to Sy Family, and please keep updating your post para kahit man lang dito ay magkaniig-niig pa rin tayo.

    Salamat din Keith.

    • Super sorry, Nebz! I must have been so pre-occupied with so many things that I did not recognize you in Queen’s Bakery.

      I’m sure deep down you (we) are thankful for so many things that Saudi has brought into our lives. I now realize that it is a place that you have to go to in order to appreciate and love. The Filipino community in KSA is very solid and it is in this that we all draw strength when living abroad becomes very difficult. I’m sure that you will eventually find your group in Kuwait and that things will become better for you in time. Remain faithful and lift everything to the Lord who alone can comfort you during this time.

      Good luck to you cyber bud! God has blessed our family by allowing us to be connected to people like you. We will look forward to reading more from you too!

  3. ang bilis ng panahon, tapos na ang apat na taon… hindi na kami nagpaalam kasi magiging emosyonal. baka lalong maging sentimental ang pagpaalam. but deep in our hearts, you and rest of the people we met in saudi, will always be part of our lives….hindi namin makakalimutan ang masayang pagsasamahan sa saudi.

    God bless and keep in touch! Salamat din!

    • Aireen, too bad we were unable to personally say goodbye to your family. Di bale, one day, our paths will cross again. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

      We will definitely keep in touch with you guys.

  4. We’ve only read this now and we apologize for the lateness of our well wishes that you and your family be more blessed as you take another leap of faith. We are sad to see you move out of Saudi Arabia, a place we’d like to call our second home, but we’re sure no matter where you are, you’ll be okay (and better) because you’re together as a family. Good luck and God bless!!! Stay happy. 🙂

    • Thanks so much to all the ladies of the PT! We really appreciate your well wishes especially as we start a new chapter in our lives.

      Saudi Arabia has been good to us and we only bring good memories of this place. We hope you continue to write more about our beloved sandbox as we would love to be updated of all the happenings there.

      Enjoy your shopping and may the good Lord bless you all as well!

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