Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 14, 2010

Birthday Bonanza

I know you guys must already be tired of all my birthday party entries… 😳  Please do indulge me, though, one last time since I feel this is really important and worth documenting. 😉

Pinky and I were very excited to pull-off an impromptu birthday celebration for our daughter early this month *patting our shoulders now* .  Yup, we proudly came up with what we thought was a full-proof/cannot-go-wrong birthday on the beach and TGI Friday’s!   Unfortunately, even if parents try as much to cover all bases, something still seems to fall between the cracks.  (*sigh!*)

During her birthday dinner, we asked Marga if she had a great day.  Her reply was a resounding “YES!” … immediately followed by an emphatic “BUT!”  “Experienced” parents as we were, we realize by now that  if any word is followed by BUT then that can only mean one thing – major problem! 😦

First, Marga asked us where her cake was but we were smart and had that covered.  Then, she asked where all her balloons were but that  was solved by the restaurant service crew who were efficient enough to prepare a cute birthday balloon for her (whew!).  Finally, she asked us where her gifts were and that hit us right smack on the face!  We thought she would not notice that we intentionally did not buy her a gift to avoid having to repack these again soon but we were wrong.

Panicked, we ended up coming up with an excuse and told her that we will bring her to Toys ‘R’ Us so she can choose her own gift (*salvation bells ring here*).  In fact, as a bonus, Pinky and I gave the boys their own money so they can buy their own presents for Marga.  She ended up very surprised to have so many presents  – four sets from each of the remaining four members of the family – and to represent her fourth birthday – cool, huh? 😉  Needless to say, this “production number” more than made up for our earlier “boo-boo”.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the pictures from our post-birthday gift giving!

Guilty father lets her daughter choose her gift – a new baby doll with accessories!

Pinky surprised Marga with her gift…

… two Hello Kitty playsets!

Luigi gave his sister a special gift too…

… two lovely unicorns, which she now calls “Soft” and “Fluffy”.

Of course, the last gift was guaranteed to take out that fake smile that she did every time we took her pictures.

Come to think of it, who would not be happy with this Big Mac that Rafael bought?!  This McD playset is definitely good to share!

Very happy. 

Marga:  Now that’s what I call a party!  See you again next year. 







  1. The Big Mac pics are classic – and super hilarious too! 😆 Love how genuine their smiles were when this gift came along 😉 Yes, it was truly a memorable fourth birthday fit for our “demanding divalette”!

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