Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 4, 2010

A Class Act – Marga’s School Birthday Party

My daughter turned four yesterday and I can’t seem to get over the fact that time flies faster than I would want it to.  Somehow, seeing our girl turn from a helpless little infant – waiting to be carried and fed – into an independent young lady is definitely bittersweet.  Half of me wants to see our child grow and achieve her milestones while the other half is battling to keep her young forever.

Anyway, this post was written by that part of me who is just so extremely happy to see my daughter overjoyed by the “simple” celebration we prepared for her.  We were hoping to give her a bigger party but had to settle with  just some party favors and sweets (all lovingly prepared by my wife) since we were no longer able to “orchestrate” a bigger event given that we are also pre-occupied with our nearing exit from the kingdom. Thankfully, things turned out well and, hopefully, this would be one party that my daughter will remember when she grows older.

Mini cupcakes – baked with sugar (no spice) and every thing nice!

Mix-match party favors – we could not find her preferred Little Pony giveaways. So we settled for a smattering of Little Pony favors for her girl classmates and assorted thingamajigs for the boys.

Smallest but cutest, as far as I am concerned – he he he!

What to wish for was the biggest problem.  How about a camel ride and lots of toys, Marga?

Take a deep breath and then …

… b-l-o-o-o-w!

Happy Meals are truly busy parents’ best friends.

Marga’s dance partner, Fahdi, was so sweet – he even thought of bringing home his leftovers for his mommy (awwww!)

Starting early – Marga teasing Omar.

Teacher Lona gathering the children for the dance.

The girls show off their moves…

… but later realize that the circle dance is better.

Marga: Thanks everyone for making this celebration a blast! I will surely have nice memories of my first friends in school.








  1. Ninang can’t wait to go malling with you so we can look for your bling-blings. ;p

    • Thanks Ninang Loree! Marga is so excited to get her new blings.

  2. Though not the fanciest icing-based, Marga’s birthday “cake” is one of the best I saw, exuding the work of a mom’s loving hands.

    Happy birthday Marga =)

    • Thanks, Beverly. Pinky will be very flattered to read your comment.

  3. So happy we were able to do this for her – at least she won’t miss out on the fun of having a birthday party in school 🙂 Again, kudos to you for coordinating this special event. Labyu!

    • Hon, I know – I would be heartbroken if we failed to give her a mini-party in school especially since her brothers had their own share of partying when they were her age.

      You should take more credit for doing the harder stuff – baking the cupcakes and preparing all the goody bags. I guess overall we make a good team!

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