Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 3, 2010

When you grill macaroni…

… you get great results!  All thanks to Romano, of course, who thought of opening this wonderful dining experience right smack in the new wing of the Mall of Dhahran.

We’ve dined here several times already but, unfortunately, I always forget to bring my camera.  Thankfully, since this was somewhat a special gathering – being my 37th birthday – we made sure to bring our gadget to properly document this event. 

This restaurant just opened a few months ago but it immediately became a favorite of my family because of the great food, warm interiors and good service of the crew – mostly Pinoys , of course!  The fact that this place reminds me so much of Italianni’s back home is also a big bonus for homesick expatriates like us.

Anyway, if any of you get a chance to try out this place, we highly recommend the ensalata caprese (check this), artichoke and shrimp dip and the mushroom ravioli.  Hope these pictures are enough to inspire you to check out the nearest Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurant in your neighborhood. The only thing that I can think of now that will put their food to shame is this. Bon appetit!


Tag line: Fresh. Simple. Authentic.

The homestyle service provided for a table with plates and flatware ready for use right in the middle of the dining hall – be careful not to make the mistake of ordering the “authentic bottled water from Italy” though – they cost an arm and a leg! 😳

This beautiful menu cover inspired everyone to bring out their artistic side.  Fortunately, the tables were covered with simple white paper you can doodle on while you wait for your order.

Crayons plus …

… creative and bored kids…

… equals …

… great art works!  This one was made by Rafael…

… while this by Luigi.

Our little artist also made sure she left her mark too – so much potential for someone who just turned four, if you ask me! 

Okay – I admit – our children’s artistic bent definitely came from my wife’s side of the family!  All the rest… they came from me! 😆

Some of my Pinoy colleagues who joined us for dinner – this was most definitely “Bankers’ Night” if you ask me! 😀

Shrimp and artichoke dip with crostini

Romano’s sampler platter

Grilled salmon with rice

Pasta Milano

Mushroom ravioli pasta

Simple salmon with steamed brocolli, asparagus and tomato salsa.

Shrimp portofino pasta – loved how the pine nuts gave that added “oomph” to this already savory dish



  1. Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

    • Thanks too for dropping by.

  2. Hon, yet another foodie find in the kingdom… Just thinking – these restos should “compensate” you for all the positive food reviews – hahaha! 😀

    • I agree! We should get free food (or more discounts) for all these advertisments we do for them – hehehehe!

  3. Yumm-oh-happy-birthday, Keith.

    We’ll try it the next time we visit Dhahran Mall.

    • Thanks, Nebz! Please do try it out. If you get a chance, stay in the “inner part” of the resto – the ambience is nicer.

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