Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 29, 2010


One of the many pleasures we do as a family is E-A-T –  a lot, I’m afraid, more often than I’d want to at times 😳  – and our “well-toned bodies”, of course, are “living proofs” of this filling past time.  Thankfully, our batting average seems to be good whenever we try out a new restaurant.  Well, come to think of it, how can we go wrong when we usually end up eating Japanese food, which is generally simple, fresh and always visually appealing!

Our latest discovery is the Hakisushi restaurant in the Juffair district of Bahrain.  Its simple and clean signage and interiors immediately attracted us to try it out.  There is a revolving sushi bar on the ground floor but, given our traumatic experience with another similar restaurant (read about it here), we decided to just go ala-carte.

My wife and I enjoyed the soft-shelled crabs, which we ordered as appetizer.  Our children, on the other hand, loved the fried dessert but were sadly left craving for more in the end. The mixed sushi platter we ordered looked and tasted good but we’ve had better ones before.  Overall, though, we enjoyed our Hakisushi dining experience and give it a thumbs up.  Too bad it may be a very long while before we can try it out again. 😦

You can’t miss this simple, red signage at the Juffair area.

I enjoyed eating these soft-shelled crabs.  Unfortunately, the order was a bit small and my wife and I had to split one order so that left me craving for more.

The mixed sushi platter we ordered looked picture perfect.  Visually appealing is a definite must for Japanese cuisine.

Our children loved the fried ice cream – too bad the restaurant did not have enough stocks for second orders.

Very pleased to have tried out a new dining experience in Bahrain – definitely a fitting (and yummy!) send-off for us  – and yet another pleasant addition to the “ending chapter” of our soon-to-be-concluded Middle East memories.



  1. A delicious foodie find indeed – too bad we can’t come back anytime soon… The soft-shelled crabs were so yummy but, as you said it, so bitin – hahaha! 😆

    • Di bale, I’m sure there are better restos where we are going. I’ll miss the soft-shelled crabs, though.

  2. Thats one of my favorite place, Hakisushi Bahrain, tasty food nice presentation of food and the price are reasonable.

    • Thanks, Andrewson, for the positive feedback. Hopefully, this will help to encourage others to try Hakisushi too!

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