Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 16, 2010

Operation Desert Storm Winding Down (Under)

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a month since my last update.  So many things have been happening lately in the office and in our home.  Mostly good things, though, so I shouldn’t complain, right?

Anyway, I thought, for posterity’s sake, that I should leave a short note here to commemorate this moment – the day when we begin to “officially” wind down our business here in the Kingdom.  Yup, you read me right.  After more than four years of living here in our sandy kingdom, we will soon have to step out of  the sandbox for good and start a new chapter in our lives… Down Under.

I tendered my resignation this afternoon and we should be flying out to Manila – where we will be temporarily staying for a few months before hopping off to kangaroo land – by the end of June.  We are hopeful that this new adventure, our new leap of faith, will be all worth it!

In the meantime, I realize that our adventure here in Saudi Arabia is not yet over and I promise to do more updates and post more pictures soon.  Until our final farewell from the kingdom, please do keep our family’s intentions in your prayers.  Thanks!

PS: This is my daughter, Marga, during her recent Pre-School Day.  I’ll post more about this soon. 





  1. Woohoo!!! We’re inching our way to (you said it!) yet another leap of faith! And I continue to pray that we remain open to the surprises of His spirit – knowing that He will always look out for us and do what’s best.

    Happy to be taking yet another “trip” with you by my side – steering our family to better shores and to greener pastures. Labyu!

    • Yipee! I can’t believe we are really moving soon. Sad but excited too. Weird in a good way, I guess.

      Yes, the Lord has been good to our family and we just have to trust that He will continue to lead our family where we can thrive and grow in his love and be a blessing to other people too.

      So happy that you are beside me too to start on this new adventure!

  2. I’m sure you’ll have that “diarrhea moment” throughout these remaining days. (I sure had them last year.) He has a reason for opening these doors for you. As Pope John Paul II boldy said in his book: “Be not afraid.” And accept His grace with gratitude and humility. I’m sure Australia will be a blessing just as KSA was.

    • Thanks Louie for the very encouraging words. It’s comforting to hear that from someone who went to or is also going through the same experience.

      I hope those diarrhea moments will be less for me – he he he!

  3. Hello! Wow, that sure is a big leap from camel to kangaroo! Hehe…Goodluck po and I must say nice blog! BTW, I included you in my blogroll. I’ll surely on the look out for your next post. And, cute daughter you have there. 😀

    • Hi Armie! First thanks for dropping by and leaving a note.

      Yes, it sure is a big leap for our family – something we are both excited and nervous to do. Do you know I haven’t ridden a camel yet but have that in my pre-departure checklist!

      I promise to check out your blog too. My wife told me she read it already and gave very good reviews. I’d be interested to know how it would be to live in our neighbouring kingdom, Kuwait. I’ll drop by soon.

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