Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 18, 2010

From Snip to Snap!

My daughter had her first haircut here in the Kingdom the other day and only her second in almost four years – the first one was done in Manila during our home leave last year (click this to read more about it). 

I guess I should explain that my little girl has curly hair and, because of this, we do not have to visit the salon as often as other kids would – since her hair does not look too long. Another reason is that women here in the Kingdom have to go to a special “ladies only center” to have their hair done and, since my wife is not comfortable visiting these places on their own, they have decided to just defer any salon sessions until they arrive in Manila.  

Since my daughter will be participating in a school presentation soon, we were forced to have her hair trimmed in the local kiddie barbershop.  Fortunately, my sons’ barber (Amil) was very competent to handle the trimming session and, needless to say, Marga was very pleased to have her hair done by him. It was so nice to see my daughter sit there so attentively and enjoying every moment – especially the blow drying part!  

Marga’s snip, snip session definitely turned out to be a “snap! snap!” (as these phonecam photos will show) event to remember.  We are definitely looking forward to the next one. 







  1. You can see from her smile in the photos that she definitely enjoyed being “beautified” – kikay talaga – hahaha!

    • Hmmm, I wonder kanino nag mana? Definitely not from me.

  2. What a well behaved girl she was! She is such a cutie-pie too.

    • Thanks Susie. She enjoyed every moment if it.

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